The Andi Weimann Song (Chant)

As the sound of ‘Du du du-du du-du, du du du-du du-du, du du du-du du-du ANDI WEIMANN’ rang out from the Villa faithful at Carrow Road, as the Villa players finally left the pitch after paying their respects to the traveling supporters, it was the moment that the chant – that takes its lead from the intro of Depeche Mode’s ‘I Just Can’t Get Enough’ – was rubber stamped as Weimann’s anthem.

As all Villa fans who celebrated Weimann’s brace in the 4-1 cup quarter-final win will testify, the  name Weimann sounds much better to the tune, than when it’s been used in chants for Luis Suarez or Demba Ba.



For anybody who’s too young to know the Depeche Mode classic:



With Christian Benteke’s anthem ‘Ohhhhhh Christaian Benteke’ taking its lead from the White Stripe’s ‘Seven Nation Army’, the Villa faithful are quickly collecting a bunch of chants based on decent music, which can only increase the pleasure of Villa Park and away day trips.

Benteke, Weimann, Gabby and Bent are all sorted…now we just need one for Jordan Bowery! UTV


Thanks again to Weimann for setting up a great night in Norfolk. UTV


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