My Old Man Said – Aston Villa Podcast


My Old Man Said – Aston Villa Podcast

“It’s hilariously good” – Derick Johnson, Liverpool supporter


The problem with potentially doing an Aston Villa podcast in recent seasons is week-on-week, there wasn’t much transcendence in the weekly Villa routine, just gloom and doom…not exactly the best time to launch a new podcast.

With the prospect of fresh adventures in the Championship, it was time to finally embark on our audio odyssey to create something that was smart, thought-provoking, informed, yet  entertaining and made you laugh.

We also wanted to be more dynamic with the median and have more of an ‘audio show’ with sketches and clips too.

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it and spread the word.

Please do get in touch with your thoughts and ideas for the show, you can tweet us on @astonvillapod

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The My Old Man Said podcast was created to go beyond the traditional straight-up football podcast and provide more of ‘a show’ to entertain supporters.

The collaboration between My Old Man Said and Villa Underground aims to add a dose of entertainment and cabaret to informative and insightful discussion of Villa and supporter issues on and off the pitch.

Also, one of the core aims of the podcast will be to address and raise awareness of core supporter issues through interviews and expert guests.



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