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My Old Man Said articles covering Randy Lerner, the Villa CEO, board and commercial business

villa park north stand

Randy Lerner Looks to New Owners to Complete His Villa Park Plans

Context Lets preface this article by saying, I'm a realistic and there is a long, long way to go before we can start looking seriously at...
steve hollis aston villa chairman

Aston Villa Manager Job Doesn’t Quite Seem a Done Deal Yet

Parting Words Finally, the wheels of Aston Villa's future are whirring into a forward motion after recent seasons of drifting in limbo. Current Villa chairman...
aston villa new badge

Aston Villa Statement Confirms Chinese Buyout and New Owner’s Ambition

MOMS has already written some views about the Chinese takeover of Aston Villa, but now the club have now issued a full statement (see...
chinese buyer aston villa

Chinese Takeover News Has Question Marks for Villa Supporters

Lets hope Villa are more than a metaphorical big game head in the Chinese football expansion trophy cabinet. Anybody with an eye for detail amongst the...
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Villa Park Stadium Naming Rights Potentially on the Agenda

The Name is Park, Villa Park For now Villa Park has escaped having its name 'officially' changed to serve a major sponsorship deal, but what...
Roberto Di Matteo

Di Matteo Buzz Backs up Talk of Potential New Aston Villa Owner in Due...

New Favourite The first clue that a new Aston Villa owner was potentially on their way would be an announcement of a new Villa manager......