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My Old Man Said articles covering Randy Lerner, the Villa CEO, board and commercial business

William McGregor Statue Villa Park

Aston Villa Accounts Show Worrying Loss and Fox to be Lerner’s Worst Ever Appointment

Aston Villa Accounts May 2015 Quick Review   Aston Villa's accounts today became viewable at Companies House and the outlook isn't looking too good as predicted. Key...
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Are Aston Villa’s Annual Accounts Being Overdue a Bad Omen for its Finances?

As the alarm bells of cost-cutting ring out in the corridors of Villa Park as the club hurtles towards the relegation trapdoor, if the...
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The Shrinking Worth of Aston Villa Football Club Off the Pitch

Money, Money, Money This week it was announced that Manchester City's parent company has been valued at $3bn (£2bn) after selling a 13% stake, worth...
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Aston Villa Agent Fees Spend in 2015 Suggests Mid-Table Team

Aston Villa Agent Fees Spend Last year in 2014 only Hull City and Burnley paid out a lower amount than the Aston Villa agent fees spend total of...
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Was Aston Villa’s Transfer Window Spend Enough to Rebuild Successfully?

Hey Big Spender Only four teams in the Premier League have spent more money on players than Aston Villa this season. While some supporters will...

Are Aston Villa Taking a ‘Moneyball’ Approach to Transfers?

The Net Miracle So far in the summer transfer window Tim Sherwood's rebuilding program has seen 10 players come through the gates of Villa Park...
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Aston Villa’s Immediate Future Becoming Clearer as Club’s Sale Stalls

Aston Villa Sale Stalls Whatever the details of any planned takeovers of Aston Villa, according to Villa boss Tim Sherwood interview with Sky Sports, the...
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Good News From UEFA For Potential Aston Villa Buyers

After the Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations have been seen as a deterrent to potential investors in football clubs, Uefa have voted at its executive committee...

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