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villa park north stand

Randy Lerner Looks to New Owners to Complete His Villa Park Plans

Context Lets preface this article by saying, I'm a realistic and there is a long, long way to go before we can start looking seriously at...
holte end surfer flag

Villa Park Stadium Naming Rights Potentially on the Agenda

The Name is Park, Villa Park For now Villa Park has escaped having its name 'officially' changed to serve a major sponsorship deal, but what...
fight like lions

How Villa Park Can be Improved With a ‘Fight Like Lions’ Section

Until a new owner and manager walk through the gates of Villa Park, thinking about next season seems to have been put on ice.  Considering...
William McGregor Statue Villa Park

Application to List Villa Park as an Asset of Community Value

With Aston Villa currently on a downward slump due to the incompetence of the Villa board, there's no saying where the rot will stop....
villa park heroes

Villa Park Heroes – David Bowie’s Miracle Night

Miracle Goodnight I've seen David Bowie perform a miracle once before. It was the last time I saw him perform live, at Old Trafford Cricket...
brigada 1874

Brigada 1874 Statement Regarding Events at Aston Villa vs Man Utd

Over the past few days quite a few Villa fans have been asking MOMS what went on in L7 of the Holte End with...