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Leak of Villa Chairman’s ‘Extensive Review’ Suggests Rémi Garde Not to Blame for Relegation

is like a headteacher of a really naughty school, who never comes to tell the kids off" There's been much debate about where the...
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Tom Fox Announces Relegation Survival Plan and Free Villa Scarves

As most Aston Villa supporters will know, Aston Villa CEO Tom Fox held a meet and greet with eight or so 'Villa supporter representatives'...
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Exciting New Villa Park Initiative to be Unveiled Against Watford

Seat Upgrade In March this year Aston Villa announced that L7 and L8 of the Holte End would become, for want of a better term,...
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First Ex-Villa Player With Real Credentials Enters Villa Manager Race

Villa Manager Circus If the managerial circus at Villa Park wasn't bad enough, the fact that ex-Villa player chancers like Dwight Yorke and Benito Carbone...
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Carry On Tim Sherwood Post-match ‘Dick’s Out’ Banter (Video)

Tim Sherwood is well-known by Spurs and Villa fans as a professor of banter and also the subject of many a funny Vine on...
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Failed Medical Derails Fabian Delph’s Move to Manchester City

Aston Villa captain Fabian Delph's attempt to follow in the tradition of Villa's best midfielders in going to warm the bench at Manchester City...