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pryo Villa Park

Football’s Dilemma with its ‘Product’ Once the Season Restarts in Empty Stadiums

If there was one thing the return of the Bunderslegia demonstrated last weekend, it was that playing football in empty stadiums is...

Aston Villa Will be First up as Premier League Locks in Restart Date

Villa to Start 'Project Restart' It's understood that the Premier League have agreed in principle to restart the...
Aston Villa Womens Team

A Different Uncertainty? Another Aston Villa Team Has Their Season Officially Ended

Following Monday's meeting of the Women’s Super League & Championship board, it was decided to that both their 2019/20 seasons would end...
Behind Closed doors Villa Park

Aston Villa Principles vs Premier League Project Restart Motives

With Aston Villa players returning to training last week, the cautious transition from lockdown has begun...


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