A Question of Celebrating Aston Villa Heritage: FCG Meeting Outline

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N.B. Before you read on, these are not the notes from the meeting this week with Aston Villa CEO Christian Purslow, they are due for publication on this Friday afternoon.

There was a Fan Consultation Group Meeting back on April 16th, that focused on the club’s heritage and history, which notes for supporters unfortunately weren’t provided in the weeks that followed.

We had been expecting some minutes/notes, but the usual Villa staff who run these FCG meetings didn’t attend the heritage meeting (due to holidays), so after a more recent request at this week’s meeting, Villa have at least forwarded the below skeleton list of the main ideas/topics discussed at the meeting.

Question of Heritage

It’s been a common notion amongst Villa supporters and ex-players that the club have missed out on the benefits that come from promoting the club’s heritage properly.

Compare going to the relatively new Emirates stadium, the home of Arsenal, and contrast the surrounds of the stadium. There’s several statues of players and homage to their historical achievements. In contrast, you could come into the historic stadium of Villa Park from Aston station end and not see a shred of evidence that Villa have lifted the European Cup.

History sells too, so Villa have missed a trick commercially too.

With that in mind, the new Chief Commercial Officer Nicole Ibbeston was keen to have a think-tank meeting to get a better grasp of the situation and possibilities unique to the club.

Below is a list of the main issues discussed. If you have any further questions or suggestions, please fell free to email MOMS or include them in the comments below.

Heritage Meeting Outline Notes

General Discussion:

•             Promoting successes around the stadium

•             Approach around stadium

•             Honour our previous players – Arsenal great example  (Statues)

•             82 is the biggest thing missing

•             Naming of Boxes / Lounges / Entrances / Meeting Rooms after ex-players

•             Promote Villa to people outside the city

•             Footprint at Airport, Train Station, etc

•             How to market our history

•             Retro Shirts – Story behind the shirt

•             Post Match – Include little around previous games, etc

•             Sites around Brum (MAP – Similar to Big Sleuth Trail. The Wire Tour in Baltimore)

•             Live Tweet old game (1982 Final)

•             Famous Quotes (11 shirts, etc)


•             Size up the potential market – Tour?

•             Include Sports bar / Away Screenings

•             Location – VP vs City centre

•             Lite version/pop-up – Match Day room (Everton)

•             Trophy on display more

•             Heritage Collection

•             Aston Church / Aston Hall / Location around VP

•             Manchester Museum (Learnings), FIFA Museum in Zurich – diversify space well

Legends Game

•             Alzheimer’s – Raise awareness around lack of funding for research

•             Opposition discussed – WBA, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan

•             Back in Time – Too Gimmicky? Nice way to bring our history to life for younger fans?


•             Use Villa to educate via schools – Nutrition / Racism / Maths / Mental Health

•             Great example at St George’s Park

•             Promote tour to wider school network (Worcester School only been to Liverpool & Man Utd)

•             How can we bring history to life – fan quizzes, etc

•             Soccer Schools – Intro to Aston Villa packs for participants


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