Last call on Aston Villa FA Cup Final Tickets

As predicted yesterday Aston Villa Final Tickets have gone on to an extra day, with tickets available to those with a 6+ booking history for the season.

It’s interesting that it’s come down to this low amount of matches, considering 27,000 were at Wembley and there was around 33,000 Villa fans at the Quarter-final too.

There is mooted to be around a 1000 tickets left.

I’m not sure if the final tickets will be available on-line as the website just states:

Tickets will be sold on a first come first served basis and will be available in person from the Villa Village Ticket Office or by calling the Consumer Sales Department on 0800 612 0970.

Why are there tickets still available?

Potentially the price of the final tickets are off-putting, I know I had to take a deep breath before pressing purchase on the club’s website! £120, £90, £70 or £50 is no laughing matter, especially if you’re a family of season ticket holders for example – it all mounts up. Also, it doesn’t help when you consider there’s a few thousand corporate shysters going to the final who haven’t paid a dime nor support any of the two teams on show.

The good news is though, even if you just returned to watching Villa after being forced into exile by PAul Lambert, you should be able to pick up a ticket.

People who don’t get a ticket can’t really complain with the criteria so low. It’s probably the easiest FA Cup final ticket you could get. We perhaps have to thank Lambert for that.

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  1. I need tickets! I live abroad so I rarely get back for the villa which is depressing, if anybody knows of any going anywhere, if anyone cant go for whatever reason, please give me a shout! Just 1 will be fantastic!


  2. it doesn’t make sense…

    “here’s the Aston Villa”

    Surely it should be

    “here’s the villa”


    “here’s Aston Villa”

    • Look at the original Sex Pistols’ album cover, it purposely fits the wording/semantics of that. It’s the whole point! So of course it makes sense.

      • Indeed it fits the original. And
        “never mind the bollocks here’s the Sex Pistols”
        works perfectly
        My point is the “the Aston Villa” part does not work, semantically it sounds wrong. No-one ever calls Villa “the Aston Villa”. Never.
        But most fans refer to Villa as “the Villa”. So it makes sense to use that on the tee shirt instead and compromise on the number of letters in the final section.

        Anyhow it’s a great idea.

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