2015 – has there ever been an Aston Villa year with so many lows, or even so many Villa managers?! Lambert, Sherwood, McDonald & Garde all brought their own versions of misery to Villa Park. Sticking out like diamonds in a compost heap, there have been the odd good moment though, including one of the best Villa games and wins in recent times.

What were your favourite Villa memories of the year? Please do share them in the comments section below. Roll on 2016, it’s certainly going to be eventful!

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4. Man City Stalemate

It seems ridiculous to include a 0-0 draw as one of the best moments of a team’s season, but that’s life as a Villa fan for you. It was Remi Garde’s first match as Villa manager. We all knew how well he’d done at Lyon, but a match against Man City represented a tough managerial debut.


The eventual draw was a good point for Garde, and while there wasn’t too much in terms of attacking action, the performance hinted at good things to come…perhaps it was the last shred of hope we’ve received as Villa supporters this season.

The game was also billed as ‘The Return of the Snake’, and Fabian Delph left knowing exactly what the Villa faithful thought of his summer move.