Phil Dowd’s Recent Villa Park Curse


Okay, so Phil Dowd is the referee against Spurs, but what is more worrying is the game takes place at Villa Park in the month of October. Why should you be concerned with that? Read on…


phil dowd sending aston villa player off
“WTF Mr Dowd” – Petrov

Aston Villa 1 West Brom 2 (October 2011) – Chris Herd wrongly sent off


Villa were one-nil up thanks to a Darren Bent goal and looking comfortable. But just after the half-hour mark, Dowd contentiously dismissed Villa midfielder Chris Herd  for an alleged stamp on Jonas Olsson, despite replays clearly showing Herd trying to pull out of the challenge. Alex McLeish’s Villa were a  team low on confidence to begin with and they seemed to fold due to the decision that lead to the Baggies winning 2-1.


phil dowd sends off Villa player
Bennett calls Mr Dowd a dirty word


Aston Villa 1 Norwich 1 (October 2012) –  Joe Bennett is sent off


It’s a year later and again Villa were 1-0 up, thanks to a Christian Benteke opener, but five minutes after the break, it was time for Phil Dowd to put the screws on the Villa once again. He gave Villa left-back Joe Bennett a second yellow for a challenge on the half-way line. Was it a yellow card offence? It’s debatable (if Vidic’s wasn’t, then this certainly wasn’t!) Okay, Bennett was naive getting stuck-in at the half-way line and giving Dowd the option, but harsh by Dowd again. Some may say bias.


Chelsea vs Aston Villa (September 2014) – Which Villa player will walk this time?

Remember what Kevin Friend did last season?! Can Dowd do any worse than that?

It might be worth a bet for a Villa player to get sent off against Chelsea. Not only will you pocket the cash, but also, if we all pull our receipts together at the end as evidence, we can get Phil Dowd suspended on the suspicion of being part of an illegal  betting syndicate. Then finally we’ll have Dowd banned from Villa Park.


(Updated from last year for this week’s Chelsea game)

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  1. I remember once occasions, Chelsea vs villa we was up 1-0 that dowd was ref or else if I wrong .. he book all villa firsts offence soft or no serious tackle give 7/8 yellows card to Villa players inside first half and Chelsea got repeat foul or hard tackle even give no card untill 70-80 mins of match in end they win 5-1 because villa player carefully or red card allow Chelsea front feet to goals

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