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The My Old Man Said podcast was created to go beyond the traditional straight-up football chat podcast and provide more of ‘a show’ to entertain supporters.


This Aston Villa podcast is a collaboration between My Old Man Said and Villa Underground which aims to add a dose of humour and entertainment, through comic characters, satire and sketches, to insightful discussion of Aston Villa, football and supporter issues on and off the pitch.

There’s regular sketches, including ‘Twitter With Tony’, ‘Jedinak’s Jungle’ and ‘Negatron’. There’s the odd guest interview and sometimes we go on location in Birmingham for more casual ‘bonus episode’ chats.

If you like the show, please do spread the word and gospel of the show! Thanks.

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Please do get in touch with your thoughts and ideas for the show to make sure it’s the most entertaining Aston Villa podcast.

You can email us on: [email protected] or tweet us on @astonvillapod



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