Aston Villa Boss Steve Bruce Successfully Lines Up New Job

New Career

With pressure growing on his position as Aston Villa manager, after only one win in nine games and two years of minimal progress, Steve Bruce has taken steps to make sure he walks straight into another job, if the worst comes to the worst.

When Bruce joined Villa, his plan was to lead Villa to promotion back to the Premier League and impress enough to have a stab at the England job, since at the time, the national team was in a bit of disarray.

His new job post-Villa though is looking very likely to be outside of football, with the Villa boss looking to enter the entertainment industry (oh the irony!) to earn a living.

Bruce has already made a name for himself for his exploits outside of football. There was his foray into literature with his trilogy of crime thriller novels Striker!, Sweeper! And Defender! No writer in the history of English literature has used the exclamation mark in such a profound manner.

While fans of his prose have been screaming out for a trilogy of prequels to his novels, Bruce seems to have unfinished business to attend to first in another medium he has previously excelled in.

Back in his Manchester United days, Bruce shot a short-lived TV show called ‘Captain’s Log’, which was a behind-the-scenes look at United’s first Premier League title win in the 1992/93 season (when they pipped Villa to the post).

With the four-part series, Bruce pretty much invented the concept of the ‘vlog’, making him the godfather to the Youtube generation.

It’s been almost confirmed this week that Bruce is now looking to return to evolve the visual form further.

After Villa’s 1-1 draw at Ashton Gate on Friday evening, Steve Bruce stuck around in Bristol to record a pilot of a new television quiz show he hopes to present called ‘There or Thereabouts’, named after his own popular managerial catch phrase.

[Video has been taken down…there goes a good gag…)

Minor Details

The pilot, written by Jimmy Hessel, proved to be a great success after a clip leaked on social media and TV execs have reportedly commissioned it for a 25-episode first season.

Originally, Bruce was hesitant that he could commit to presenting the new show, due to his Aston Villa managerial commitments, but TV executives reassured him that they didn’t foresee that to be a problem, since shooting of the quiz show series doesn’t begin until December this year.

Rumours that early contestants on ‘There or Thereabouts’ include Micah Richards and Ross McCormack, are unconfirmed at this stage.


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