It’s very much a day for statements from Aston Villa supporters on the current state of their club. Earlier today was a heart-felt and very frank statement from Stan Collymore and this evening the Aston Villa Supporters Trust have made a statement (below) after the poor series of results, the threat of relegation and the growing inconsistencies in the stories coming out of Villa Park.

As a member of the AVST board, it’s good to see the AVST making a public stand early this season because four points out of 27 is an alarming situation with a quarter of the season already gone. But the situation is not just about this season, as the rot has been eating the club away for the past four seasons now.  We’ve had a chairman who put out a statement, when he announced he was selling up, that declared his heart wasn’t in it anymore. He also suggested he would appoint a chairman to take over if he didn’t sell up, an action that has failed to materialise. The lack of clear direction and progression is worrying.

Villa fans are encouraged to join and push the AVST to make the club accountable for the shambles of the present and last four seasons. Don’t sit back, the AVST is only as strong as the supporters who get involved. Like the Avengers, it is very much time to assemble. UTV

AVST Statement – October 20th 2015 

The AVST feels it is important to comment on some of the recent goings on at Villa Park.  A dreadful start to the season sees us yet again faced with a relegation battle and the club starting to be cut adrift in the relegation places.

Regardless of our individual views on who should be held accountable for the position we find ourselves in, the AVST wishes to remind those involved at all levels of the club that their first duty is to our loyal supporters.  To provide them with a team they can be proud of and to show the ambition that a club of our stature deserves.

For two weeks now there have been stories leaking out of Villa Park, seemingly from both the manager and the club, and the AVST demand that this is brought to an end.  Pantomime season does not start for another two months.

It seems there is a clear decision to be made and this should be at the forefront of the minds of our board.  Do they believe Tim Sherwood is the man to take us forwards and do they believe it is appropriate for him to do so?  If the answer is yes to both, then they need to publicly back their man and ensure that everyone starts pulling in the same direction to get us out of the mess we find ourselves in again.

If not, then this cannot be allowed to fester.  An immediate change needs to be made in order that a replacement manager can have the maximum amount of time to arrest our slump.

We have had enough of the infighting.  It is time for the club to take decisive action, one way or another.



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  1. I’m a Shropshire Lad too, living in Vancouver and for the most part I watch the games on cable. I was a regular at Villa Park until my move 8 years ago. Watching the demise of this club even from afar has been shocking. Certainly for 7 years plus we’ve suffered from a lack of investment . I have some sympathy for anyone that gets appointed manager, because in comparison to other clubs, on balance, there’s no way we can go out there and buy the better players.

    For a long time it’s been obvious that Learner doesn’t understand the nature of the British game . He hasn’t been totally tight fisted. But in general. He doesn’t appreciate that it’s a lot more expensive going down, than investing in a squad that’ll keep us up.

    Regards the appointment of Sherwood, in some ways he’s done well for s novice. He kept us up. He’s changed the style of play so for most games not all, we see some proper football being played. He got us to the FA Cup Final.

    Sadly I forsee nothing changing fast at AVFC, nothing does since Deadly stepped down. I trust Sherwood to get it right, irrespective of our current lowly position. In a sense our mistakes on the pitch are so obvious, he should be able to correct them. I’d hate the club to go down, but if we don’t and finish about 16th, the irony is, this will be looked upon as an achievement and probably won’t inspire change!

    • Good comment. And we used to complain about a lack of ambition when we finished comfortably top half. How times have changed for the worse. It’s no longer sport, it’s just suffering. Having said that, I don’t think it’s too difficult to make the first steps back to recovery – a manager with a plan, would do wonders. This squad needs a proper goal scorer though to help and a sound keeper.

  2. Randy is not one for public action but I hear the phone was hot from Villa to the US today and Tim now has his full support . While Fox & his 2 muppets have been told to back off !and let Tim manage the team

  3. Totally agree with Irwin, The statement says very little. The board are applying a form of censorship by removing Stan Collymores column from the programme – they want you to read what THEY WANT YOU TO READ, Never in the history of our club have I personally experienced anything like it. Utter disgrace, Its as clear as the nose on your face what is going on at Villa Park.
    The time has come to become far more vocal – soft meaningless statements achieve nothing.

  4. Not much of a statement !

    Very difficult situation as I agree with Stan Collymore that the board is totally inept
    and lacking any sort of judgement and expertise in the industry they are working in. £40 million pounds almost totally wasted due mainly to the genius of Paddy Reilly and Tom King seems to totally ignore the supporters(customers). all this is perpetuated by one poor managerial appointment after another, Faulkner, King, various team managers ++, by the hapless and naïve Lerner its all self perpetuating and totally hopeless until these halfwits depart……

    Not sure Tim is experienced enough ,really bit of a chancer really with not much substance there.

    Impossible situation really……

    Merry Xmas to our readers !!!

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