“They are tough.

“They have a good philosophy in terms of how they want to play. They seem to have stuck to that over the years.

“We need to make sure we don’t give them time to play. If you do, they will cause you problems.

“It was a tight game last season. They nicked it at the death. But I hope we can improve on last season’s performance.

“We have to make them play quickly and not let them compose themselves into a rhythm.

If we manage that, we will have the ball more often than them and get them running towards their own goal.”

“We will win”

Monk on Sherwood

“These links don’t help managers. Tim is doing an excellent job and working as hard as I would be.

“You have to let managers get on with their jobs and concentrate and people should be supportive of them as people are with me and my staff.

“It’s the nature of the league this year.

What is happening to Tim is because of pressure put on clubs to be in this league next year.

But pressure is how you perceive it. I don’t perceive it as a negative, I see it as an opportunity to make the most of it.”

Memory Match