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Further Evidence of How Good Aston Villa’s Great Escape Was

Use code MOMS10 for 10% off Survival Relief A week's gone by and there's still a sense of relief in terms of how the Premier League...
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Premier League Average Attendances as Percentage of Stadium Capacity

Premier League Average Attendances vs Stadium Capacity Yesterday MOMS published an article on how Aston Villa's  average home attendance had increased last season, but was...

Who’s Been the Best Championship Team in September?

it was billed by many associated with the club as a key month for the fortunes of Aston Villa this season and also for...
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Why Aston Villa’s Form is Even Better Than You Think

Aston Villa currently are fourth in the Championship in terms of their form over the last six games, exactly the same as their current...
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Finally…it’s Time to Talk About Aston Villa and the Play-offs

By Kris Woodward A month ago, Aston Villa suffered a limp 2-0 loss to West Bromwich at Villa Park. With only one win in 2019,...
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Current Form Table and Trends Tell the Aston Villa Revival Story

We know one stat that has seen the recent revival of Aston Villa by Steve Bruce and that is the new Villa boss iss...