Thursday, August 13, 2020
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My Old Man Said articles covering Randy Lerner, the Villa CEO, board and commercial business

Aston Villa fans waiting outside of Wembley 2018

Aston Villa Announce Significant Investment but Tony Xia Stays on.

SOS Investment Confirmed With the rumours of the last 24 hours whirling around of Middle East and then Egyptian investment into Aston Villa, it's good...
paul faulkner leaves villa

Why Did Paul Faulkner Leave? What it Means to Aston Villa Supporters

Earlier in the month, I went to Parliament along with 12 or so members of other club's supporters groups and trusts (including Newcastle, Spurs,...

Lerner Statement Suggests Sale as Aston Villa Texan Buyer Rumours Grow

Much Ado About Villa The rumour mill buyer With the rumours of Lerner looking to sell Aston Villa growing pace, Villa supporters have been Googling...

Aston Villa Cazoo Deal Timely as Report Threatens End of Gambling Football Shirt Sponsorship

Aston Villa Cazoo Deal Timing Aston Villa's announcement of their new sponsorship deal with online car rental company...
Under Armour Aston Villa

Next Aston Villa Kit Launch Might be Late Again! As Under Armour Say Bye

Armourless Under Armour will end their relationship after just two-years of what had been hoped to be a long-running relationship. While Under Armour sponsors two of...
aston villa naming rights

Aston Villa’s Immediate Future Becoming Clearer as Club’s Sale Stalls

Aston Villa Sale Stalls Whatever the details of any planned takeovers of Aston Villa, according to Villa boss Tim Sherwood interview with Sky Sports, the...