Thursday, August 22, 2019
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Details of Aston Villa’s Match in Leipzig and Other Three Friendlies

Leipzig vs Aston Villa As you'll know by now Aston Villa will visit the Red Bull Arena to...
Aston Villa wembley mosaic FA Cup semi-final

Details of Aston Villa Mosaic Display at Wembley Stadium for Play-off Final

Aston Villa are planning to have a mosaic display at Wembley Stadium before the play-off final kicks off against Derby County.
aston villa fans wembley play-off final vs fulham 2018

Tension Replaced by Nerves of Expectation for Aston Villa Supporters

By Kris Woodward Aston Villa fans everywhere will just about have recovered from an extremely tense two games...
Villa on Tour videos

Villa on Tour – Bruises, Sweat and Tears at the Hawthorns on the Way...

Villa on Tour - Next Stop Wembley Imagine... one last bonus away day of the season, that you...
pryo Villa Park

The Threats to Aston Villa’s Play-off Prospects

By Kris Woodward Despite Aston Villa's 12 game unbeaten run coming to end, after resting players against champions Norwich...
aston villa fans wembley play-off final vs fulham 2018

Aston Villa Look to Firm Up Play-offs Over Easter

By Kris Woodward After a week of uncertainty surrounding Bolton Wanderers Football Club, Aston Villa’s good Friday fixture...