Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Conor Hourihane Aston Villa Transfer

Conor Hourihane’s Words Throw up a Question of Ambition in Current Villa Players

By Liam Scahill Tweeted Ambition It’s early August 2019, an Irishman with a much...
Aston Villa fans waiting outside of Wembley 2018

Premier League Will Break Their Valued ‘Integrity of Competition’ With Proposed Plan

Sad Context The Corvid-19 death rate in the UK is already over the average attendances last season of...

Premier League Statement Paves the Way for Possible Jack Grealish Redemption

Premier League Update This week the Premier League...
never mind the arsenal here's the aston villa surfer flag on holte end

English Football Authorities Confirm Extension of Limbo Period for 2019/20 Season

As the current COVID-19 virus pandemic ramps up in the country, the English football bodies, including the Premier League and EFL, have...
Villa Park Night time

How to Get Refunds on Aston Villa Tickets

Ticketing Limbo With the 2019/20 football season now...

Aston Villa Face Big Relegation Survival Trial by Television

Tough TV Task On the basis of the Aston Villa players' performance at Southampton and Bournemouth, and how...