Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Fan Issues

Aston Villa supporters actions

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How Aston Villa Supporters Are Feeling at the Moment

MOMS Aston Villa Supporters Survey Results Part 1 - Supporters' General Feeling We've seen from the recent Villa Park attendances (28,000 vs Hull and 17,000...
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Second City Derby Sell Out Raises Questions Again About Secondary Ticketing

Full House As it was announced earlier this week, the Second City derby between Aston Villa and Birmingham City is a 42,000 sell out. Not...
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Enough is Enough, We Want Our Villa Back.

The following short article below on Villa's current plight, I wrote for the Daily Mail this week and since I know a lot of people don't...
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Aston Villa Supporter Flags Wembley Information and Stadium Policy

The Championship Play-off final gives Aston Villa supporters the chance to pack Wembley stadium with as many Villa flags as possible, so please find...
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Wembley Tickets Available For Aston Villa Fans After Current Criteria Wave

Aston Villa Fans Wembley Tickets The club announced it's first wave of plans for the allocation of 31,799 tickets it will receive for the FA...

A Gesture Aston Villa Can Make to Rally Supporters for Promotion Push

Addressing the Crisis In recent years you'd be more likely to enjoy going to a funeral than taking a trip to Villa Park. In the past...