Friday, September 25, 2020


Football Supporters’ Association issues and matters

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Stoke City Fans Allowed Banner into Villa Park After Rumours of Ban

This weekend will see supporters of Premier League and Championship clubs united in a nationwide protest over football ticket prices for the first time in...
Aston Villa fans waiting outside of Wembley 2018

The Fans’ Manifesto Provides Food For Thought for Politicians at Election Time

In less than four weeks millions of football fans will head out to cast their vote in December’s General Election. Gladly, there...

Sky Backdown From Christmas Eve Kick-offs This Season

After Sky TV were originally looking at potentially scheduling Premier League games on Christmas Eve, the fact that they have now backtracked will be...
Aston Villa Fan Consultation Group meeting

Wednesday Charge Villa Fans 40% more than Premier League Away Ticket Max

Is it not insensitive to charge a ticket price that is a full 40% above the Premier League cap considering Wednesday will also receive TV...
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Aston Villa Fans on Football Supporter March to Premier League Offices

Football Supporter March to Premier League Offices Last week MOMS and Brigada 1874 joined forces to represent Villa at the Football Supporters Federation (FSF) march...
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Aston Villa’s Week: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Villa Hiatus Issues

A promising start, the price of truth and standing shouldn't be a crime   It is safe to say there has not been a lack of...