Media Muppets

As a Villa striker once said, "papers like to chat a load of sh*t'.

media muppets

The Sun Makes Bizarre Cock Up With Ex-Villan Dalian Atkinson’s Identity

Respect the Dead Going after The Sun newspaper for media muppetry is like shooting fish in a barrel, so Media Muppets  tends to stick to...
media muppets

Revealed: The Great Football Media Clickbait Swindle

Are you wise to the clickbait headline routine yet? Most aren't, when you consider the growing amount of football sites peddling no-mark content in...
media muppets

Who’s This ‘Goal Scoring’, ‘Fan Favourite’ Midfielder Leaving Aston Villa?

One of the most humourous things about this summer transfer window is to see the headlines that bottom feeder clickbait websites like 'The Football...
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Jordan Rhodes Link to Aston Villa Reveals Hilarious Desperation

Today, the Daily Mail wrote a rumour article linking Aston Villa to West Ham midfielder Robert Snodgrass (which Tony Xia has since rubbished). It...
media muppets

Conor Hourinhane to Sheffield Wednesday and Other ‘No News’

Phoney Baloney 'Fake news' is now a term that is very much in the popular vernacular. Worryingly, the familiarity with the term in today's society has...
media muppets

Jedinak Leaving Villa? The Same Chance as Hogan Changing his Mind and Delph Arriving

Standards The standard of football journalism has got so low, fuelled by the inane need to pump out stories for online ad revenue (one Friday,...