Monday, February 18, 2019
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As a Villa striker once said, “papers like to chat a load of sh*t’.

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The Sun Newspaper Reaches New Low with Aston Villa Report

Graham Hill @ The Sun Graham Hill and the Sun's picture editor commit possibly the greatest hack job of football journalism in print history. Headline: You've Gone...
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Revealed: The Great Football Media Clickbait Swindle

Are you wise to the clickbait headline routine yet? Most aren't, when you consider the growing amount of football sites peddling no-mark content in...
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Media Muppets – Press Nonsense on Ron Vlaar, Gareth Barry and Paul Lambert

It's over for Ron Vlaar, Lambert doesn't buy players aged over 24-years-old & Gareth Barry is news “If you tell a lie big enough and...
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The Birmingham Mail’s ‘Great Idea’ to Move Birmingham Cup Derby to the Weekend

Media Muppet articles are normally reserved for dumb transfer rumour stories, but the Birmingham Mail has topped any of those with this sensationalised 'social...
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Media Muppets: Daily Telegraph Disrespect Villa Blues Rivalry

Villa Blues I hold my hand up, when I was a kid supporting Villa, I didn't know much of the magnitude of the Villa vs...
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Media Trolls Villa Fans With Steve McClaren BS Reporting

Steve McClaren Rumours I thought we'd already been through this sorry routine about five years ago. Remember when Randy Lerner was considering Steve McClaren as...