Friday, March 5, 2021
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As a Villa striker once said, “papers like to chat a load of sh*t’.

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The Birmingham Mail’s ‘Great Idea’ to Move Birmingham Cup Derby to the Weekend

Media Muppet articles are normally reserved for dumb transfer rumour stories, but the Birmingham Mail has topped any of those with this sensationalised 'social...
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Aston Villa’s New Mystery Striker – The Sun Strikes Again!

Copying the Daily Star Lets start off with a crystal clear example of how the football media works. The Daily Star writes a random 'scare...
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BBC Coverage Cries Hypocrisy and Reinforces Shameful Commentary of Aston Villa Game

Villa fans have long been suspicious of the existence of an agenda by the BBC towards Aston Villa. It starts with an alleged bias...
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Media Muppets – Press Nonsense on Ron Vlaar, Gareth Barry and Paul Lambert

It's over for Ron Vlaar, Lambert doesn't buy players aged over 24-years-old & Gareth Barry is news “If you tell a lie big enough and...
Douglas Luiz buy back clause

Manchester City to Trigger Douglas Luiz Clause, Lazio Wesley & Spurs Grealish Fantasy

The season of the disingenuous transfer headline has been in full swing for a few weeks now, yet Aston Villa have yet to announce...
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Media Suggest Aston Villa Projected to Get £50 Million+ on Player Sales

Player Sales Lets remember one stat before we go on - the players in last season's Aston Villa team only won three league games. Now,...