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As a Villa striker once said, “papers like to chat a load of sh*t’.

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Conor Hourinhane to Sheffield Wednesday and Other ‘No News’

Phoney Baloney 'Fake news' is now a term that is very much in the popular vernacular. Worryingly, the familiarity with the term in today's society has...
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BBC Coverage Cries Hypocrisy and Reinforces Shameful Commentary of Aston Villa Game

Villa fans have long been suspicious of the existence of an agenda by the BBC towards Aston Villa. It starts with an alleged bias...
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Aston Villa – Raise the Profile but Don’t Get Starstruck!

A lot of credit has to go to Tom Hanks and his enthusiasm in getting whole-heartedly involved in the claret and blue cause. It would...

Confirmed: John McGinn is off to Manchester United via Magaluf

MOMS was going to crank the Media Muppets column up into action once again as a reaction to all these stories about Aston Villa...
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Media Muppets – Journalists Making up Rubbish about Benteke Transfer

 Why are journalists making up rubbish about the Christian Benteke transfer? How do football journalists get away with it? When it comes to reporting on...
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How Teenage Villa Supporters Showed up the Press Over Benteke

 How Villa Supporters Trump the National Press Over Benteke As soon as Christian Benteke had handed his transfer request in, to Villa supporters' dismay,...