Sunday, June 16, 2019
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As a Villa striker once said, “papers like to chat a load of sh*t’.

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The Lowest Form of Football Reporting & More Silly Villa Nursey Rhymes

The event of the internet transformed journalism as we knew it. While it opened the door to anybody who fancied writing, the increased democracy to...
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BBC Coverage Cries Hypocrisy and Reinforces Shameful Commentary of Aston Villa Game

Villa fans have long been suspicious of the existence of an agenda by the BBC towards Aston Villa. It starts with an alleged bias...
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Media Muppets: Fabian Delph Could Be Off and Daily Mail’s Bad Maths

Delph out. Griffiths in. And the Daily Mail needs to go back to school We've already dished up one Media Muppets column this week, but...
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Media Muppets: Aston Villa Red Bull & Dembele and Dempsey Bull

A load of Aston Villa Red Bull with a topping of Dembele & Dempsey bull Since we have to wait until Monday for the next...
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Revealed: The Great Football Media Clickbait Swindle

Are you wise to the clickbait headline routine yet? Most aren't, when you consider the growing amount of football sites peddling no-mark content in...
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Aston Villa – Raise the Profile but Don’t Get Starstruck!

A lot of credit has to go to Tom Hanks and his enthusiasm in getting whole-heartedly involved in the claret and blue cause. It would...