Friday, April 19, 2019
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As a Villa striker once said, “papers like to chat a load of sh*t’.

Jack Grealish Aston Villa transfer news

The Dumbest Proposals of Jack Grealish’s Future Offered Up Yet

Aston Villa have so far disputed that they have received any official bids for Jack Grealish, after fresh media reports of a £15m bid...
Hiroshi Kiyotake

Media Muppets – Benteke Suffers Broken Leg & Mistaken Identity within a Week

   Benteke Broken Leg & Mistaken Identity   “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”   We all...
media muppets my old man said

Media Muppets: Brad Guzan leaving Villa, Hooligan Problem & Daily Mail Desperation

Brad Guzan is leaving Villa, hooligans on the rise and the Daily Mail has a brilliant idea Daily Mail's Rob Shepherd launchs a new transfer...
media muppets my old man said

Media Muppets: Aston Villa Red Bull & Dembele and Dempsey Bull

A load of Aston Villa Red Bull with a topping of Dembele & Dempsey bull Since we have to wait until Monday for the next...
media muppets my old man said

Media Muppets – Press Nonsense on Ron Vlaar, Gareth Barry and Paul Lambert

It's over for Ron Vlaar, Lambert doesn't buy players aged over 24-years-old & Gareth Barry is news “If you tell a lie big enough and...
Sam Johnstone number 1

Sam Johnstone to WBA in January…Really?

If there's one early trend of transfer rumours involving Aston Villa it's mischievous stories on the future of Aston Villa's loan signings. Firstly, scaremongering...