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Media Muppet Transfer Clickbait

The Case of John McGinn’s Tackle – Faux Outrage for Clicks

The Outrage Clickbait Formula Is it that time already? Two sets of tribal supporters at each other’s throats? Old scars reopened and the ceasefire broken?...
Villa Park fireworks fire

Incredible Solution to the Biggest Problem of Villa Park Expansion Will Amaze Fans

Villa Park's Transport Elephant At the Aston Villa Fan Consultation Group meeting this week at Villa Park, that saw the club presenting its plans to...
Media Muppet Transfer Clickbait

John McGinn Bad Attitude and Insider Transfer Links

Early Business Media Headaches As we all know, Aston Villa addressed the core of their transfer activity before the actual summer transfer window opened. Ahead...
Aston Villa shirt numbers

Ollie Watkins to Ditch Aston Villa Transfer Rumours

Debunking the Continuous Ollie Watkins Transfer Links Okay. Enough is enough. It's time to fire up Media Muppets again. Media Muppets was always one of...
Aston Villa shirt numbers

Ollie Watkins Link to Spurs Sticks, as Aston Villa Fans Rave About…Everything

Media Muppets Returns It's been over a year since we've rolled out a Media Muppets column, although it is now a regular segment on the...

Aston Villa Consider to Grant Two Record Length Player Contracts to Prevent Mass Exodus

Villa Exodus Aston Villa are thought to be considering taking drastic action in a measure to counter any future similiar knock-on effects of selling striker...