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The Villa Rant: Villa Beginning to Find Balance and Results

As Villa had the best of the first half against Newcastle a few weeks ago, the season finally looked like it was coming together....
Villa Rant Column

The Villa Rant: A New Era, Same Old Feeling After Wednesday?

'Gollini, comfortable for so much of the game, was temporarily possessed by the ghost of Brad Guzan.' The Return of Football It seems like a very...
Villa Rant Column

The Villa Rant: 00-6 Licence to Rant, Post Liverpool Thrashing

I was tempted to write most of this column before the Liverpool game, that's how predictable Villa games like this have become, although the score...
Villa Rant Column

The VILLA RANT: Another Penalty Goes Missing in Wasted Opportunity

Another underwhelming game comes and goes and the single point gained does little to help claw us up the table. Time is running out....
Villa Rant Column

The Villa Rant: Stoke Loss Provides More Questions than Answers

Last weekend brought with it a ‘emotional holiday’, free from the heartbreak and stress of being a modern day Aston Villa fan. Saturday was back...
Villa Rant Column

The Villa Rant: Aston Villa’s Playoff Hopes Hang on Transfer Window

Cr*ppy New Year Villa were lucky enough to experience a small Christmas miracle over the festive period, by actually picking up wins despite some of the...