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aston villa holte end asset of community value

Hard Truths and Context of Aston Villa’s Recent Failure to Take Opportunities

MOMS looks at the reality of Aston Villa at this moment in time. As the fixtures get harder, Aston Villa continue to shirk opportunities to...
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Aston Villa’s Tactical Weakness and Negativity Invites Change and Rebuild

By Matthew Talbot Just Deserts Aston Villa were deservedly beaten by Fulham FC in the Championship Playoff Final at Wembley Stadium, there's no doubt about that. The negativity...
aston villa holte end asset of community value

Aston Villa’s Flawed and Wasteful Championship Strategy Analysed

'Villa’s board have attempted to buy a team rather than build a team'. Difference In the build up to the playoff final, former Hull City and...
aston villa

Reeling from Wembley Heartbreak, Where do Villa go From Here?

By Kevin Hughes Failure Story Losing the EFL Championship play-off final is a new and miserable experience for Villa, yet it also feels gloomily familiar. Villa...
Holte End Villa Park

Will Looking Back With Anger at Steve Bruce Prove Pointless?

By Robert Smith Falling Short So Villa failed to go up... It was always a possibility, evident from the early part of the season, when we only...
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The Solution to Aston Villa’s Perceived Striking Problem With Ollie Watkins Doesn’t Exist

The Ollie Watkins Debate Last season was ultimately a frustrating season for Ollie Watkins, Aston Villa's top scorer for the past two seasons. Big things...