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Paul Lambert Breaks a New Record in Aston Villa History

Villa Park home form reaches a whole new level   The 2-1 loss against Fulham, yet another home defeat against a team that were bottom of...

How Paul Lambert’s Poker Face Won Villa Benteke

Paul Lambert Plays it Cool to Keep Benteke   All’s well that ends well, as Shakespeare once said. This feel-good sentiment certainly rings true if you are...
paul lambert tactics

Paul Lambert Tactics – Time for a Change at Villa Park?

Paul Lambert Tactics - Time for a fresh approach at Villa Park?   “Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.” ~ Albert Einstein   Albert...
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Paul Lambert’s Aston Villa Long Ball Project: Are Villa the new Stoke?

Is Paul Lambert regressing from his Aston Villa passing evolution?   'The problem is that these tactics are at least ten years out of date.'     Bright Passing...
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The Implications and Timing of Giving Paul Lambert a New Contract

'Paul Lambert new contract' not the most popular four words amongst Villa supporters at the moment. MOMS aspiring sports legal eagle Matt Rogers looks...
aston villa short term ambition

Is Paul Lambert’s Long-Term Project Compromising Aston Villa Short-Term Ambition?

Does Aston Villa short-term ambition have to be compromised by Paul Lambert's long-term plans?   Aston Villa supporters discontent with Paul Lambert has started to grow...