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My Old Man Said articles on Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert

Aston Villa FA Cup 1957 shirt

Aston Villa May Never Win a Trophy Again, if Attitudes Don’t Change.

Time to take silverware seriously again...lets go glory hunting!     Sweet FA It's better to be in the FA Cup, then be out of the FA Cup,...

Paul Lambert’s First Five Games is the Worst Villa Start in 15 Years

Lambert's Slow Start, Not the End of the World   Some Aston Villa fans are still a bit sensitive from the despair of McLeish's era that...
paul lambert approach

How the Astute Approach of Paul Lambert has Saved Villa from Further Embarrassment.

As Modern Football Spirals Out of Control, the Common Sense Approach of Paul Lambert is Something to be Celebrated.   When Aston Villa limped over the...

The Aston Villa Defence – the Key to Villa Success Next Season?

The Aston Villa Defence - it's potential for growth and improvement   Looking at Aston Villa on the field with trends in the world game in...
paul lambert villa smile

Factors That Provide Hope in the Worst Case Aston Villa Takeover Scenario

I wouldn't bet against there being no new Aston Villa owner in place by the time the 2014/15 season kicks off. With no sign...
paul lambert season ticket letter

Good Fortune Favours Paul Lambert in Villa’s Relegation Battle. Surely He Can’t Waste It?

Early Advantage to Villa in the Relegation Battle After picking up one point and failing to score in the last three games against West Ham,...