The Question of David Moyes as Aston Villa Manager

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Last night was the best time to bet on David Moyes being the Aston Villa boss at the start of next season. The ex-Everton boss was out at 33/1, which would have been an excellent outside punt. Today, after various newspaper stories about him being open to the job, his odds have dropped to 4/1.

Such stories suggests that Moyes’ agent has reached out to the press to put it out there that their client would be interested to talk.

It’s not the first time Moyes has been attached to the Villa job, his name was first mentioned after Martin O’Neill walked, but at the time Everton were very much on a par with Villa, so it made little sense for him to make a sideways move.

The next serious call to Villa Park came as Villa offered a bit him of a contra; the club would rescue him from his Spanish hell with Real Sociedad and he would hopefully rescue Villa from a state of relegation-battle limbo nightmare. He didn’t take up the offer. Later he was sacked and now Villa are relegated.

It’s hard to make a verdict on whether Moyes would still be any good for the job of Villa boss. In some eyes, he’s potentially damaged goods after his unsuccessful stints at Manchester United and Real Sociedad. There’s no doubt his confidence took a battering after the vilification he suffered in both spells and it’s foolish to consider it doesn’t have any knock-on effects.

Just look at Steve McClaren, who never got his mojo back in the English league after his unsuccessful stab at the England manager’s job. He failed at firing either Nottingham Forest and Derby out of the Championship.

Then there’s Moyes’ brand of football which is considered effective yet dour (well, at least to United fans).

While later on in his career at Everton, he made them a team constantly stalking European football, he only got to that point due to a patient chairman. At the start of his reign, Everton bizarrely would alternative every season between being European place challengers to relegation battlers (15th, 7th, 17th, 4th and 11th), and if he was the boss in recent years, he may not have survived the 2002/03 season when their 39 point finish was the lowest in the club’s history.

Interestingly, according to the bookies, David Moyes has the same likelihood of returning and being the next Everton boss, as he does Villa boss. He is also 4/1 to replace Roberto Martinez at the Toffees.

I don’t know if Moyes is the answer to the big problem Villa have when Garde goes, as this job would need a ruthless character brimming with self-confidence who doesn’t mess around.

However, any manager who managed to sell Joleon Lescott for £22million is certainly worth an interview!


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