Excuses, Excuses, Excuses – Villa’s Don’t Stack Up Compared to Other Teams

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Excuses, Excuses…

Below is a comment from Villa supporter Kezz Furber on MOMS Facebook today. While joking in tone towards the end, it does raise some good points about the validity of some of Villa’s excuses in recent years compared to some of the teams that are now actually beating us.

If you think Villa have got problems, what about the struggles of the likes of Luton Town, Cardiff City, Preston North End in recent years, and more recently, the two teams that have beaten Villa in the past week?

Over to Kezz…

I read endless threads on social media from Villa fans left scratching their heads as to why we are currently where we are. The most common explanations for out plight include: new owner; new manager; new players; the club’s been in decline since MON left; MON himself; the club has a curse on it: not Bruce’s players; it’ll take until at least next season before our players and new manager gel, etc. etc. etc.

The other night, we were beaten by Brentford, a two-bit team on a run down, old fashioned ground (who were in Divisions Two a few seasons ago). They’re a side who’ve never really been in the ascendancy and yet beat us on the very day that they’d lost their star striker, Scott Hogan. Despite being below us in the table, they still managed to stick three past us and played some wonderful football too.


We were beaten yesterday by a Forest team that’s been in decline for decades and had just lost their start player and Captain, Henry Lansbury – who was now playing against them.

We were eventually sunk by a 17-year-old debutant who cost them nothing and took approximately 15 minutes to gel into his new role before banging one in to beat our £100m plus pile of uninspired morons. On top of that, they have a sh*t owner and don’t even have a manager. They are also below us in the division.

Have a chew on that for a while and then let’s see what other banal excuses our fans can come up with to justify why we’re so sh*t – and have been for around seven years now, despite huge sums of money spent, magnificent support home and away, some of the best Academy and training facilities in the country and plenty of big name managers and players who are being paid an absolute fortune in comparison to most at this level.

I’m not moaning by the way, I’m demanding an independent inquiry, because I reckon our club has been hacked by the Russians and our B6 water will be found to contain traces of Polonium 220, our players will have been eating too much burnt toast and our owner is really an undercover Chinese spy who’s come to steal the blueprint for the famous television programme, Strictly Come Cup Cake.

Please add these to the AVFC list of infinite excuses and let’s have a mass debate – all over again.

– Kezz Furber


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