An Extra Ticket Allocation for Wigan Looks Unlikely: WM Police Statement


When it comes to the recent calls from Aston Villa fans for an increased allocation for the end of season clash at the DW stadium, football logic suggests Wigan will turn it down. With the game potentially deciding the fates of the two teams, why would Wigan give any added advantage to their visitors in such a vital game?

Even with Wigan supporters perhaps financially stretched late on in the season, due to the expense of a couple of trips to Wembley, you’d expect them to rally and attend the potential relegation decider.

Yes, Wigan could offer Aston Villa an extra allocation to guarantee some extra revenue, but it’s ultimately a small amount considering the TV revenue at stake by staying up in the Premiership.

The following statement by West Midlands Police (released on twitter this morning) seems to also suggest that an extra allocation will not be forthcoming.

‘The game against Wigan on the last day of the season has potentially massive implications for both teams. At present the allocation for away fans at the Wigan Fixture is 3000, as it was for the last game of the season 2011-2012 for Wolves.

3000 is a large allocation at any other club in the Country. Only on 2 previous occasions this season have Aston Villa taken more than 3000 fans to away games, 3095 to Swindon Town, and 3139 to Southampton.

It is appreciated that this game would be well attended by Aston Villa fans keen to support their team and drive them onto Premiership safety.

I am currently providing my Colleagues in Greater Manchester Police with regular updates in respect of all aspects of Aston Villa fans behaviour both at Home fixtures and away fixtures in order for them to gain an accurate picture around fans profile, and make informed decisions in respect of the Categorisation of the fixture and assist WAFC in deciding upon an appropriate allocation. This is no different to what is done for any Aston Villa away fixture throughout the season.

These reports would include details of such issues as: Number of Arrests, Number of Ejections, Persistent Standing, Smoke bombs/flares incidents, Racist/Homophobic Incidents, Disorder and pitch encroachment.

I have been asked why Tottenham have been given 4800 Tickets and Villa only have 3000? But when you look at the significance of the fixtures it does have an impact. Potentially the WAFC v AV fixture could mean Premiership survival for both clubs and as a result emotions will be high for both sets of supporters in respect of each scenario.

Ticket allocation is a Club decision who may seek advice from the Host Police Force in respect of it but ultimately it’s their decision.’

WM Police (Aston Villa division)

PS – Aston Villa have announced that the 500 waiting list for tickets is now full. Hopefully, those fans will get tickets, so we’ll at least have another 500 at the game.

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