The First Summer Signing Aston Villa Should Make?

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 A stunt signing worth a punt?

 It’s been all quite on the transfer rumour front in recent weeks in terms of Aston Villa. Since MOMS Media Muppets column has been starved of material, we thought we’d make our own.

Well, that was the initial idea behind the notion of this post in begging the question, why don’t Villa sign Christian Benteke’s younger brother Jonathan Benteke on the cheap from the Belgium Second Division side RCS Visé?

You’ve seen the cracker the 19-year-old striker  scored a couple of weeks ago…




Yes, we know that Tonev, Helenius and Bacuna all looked like  world beaters on You Tube too, before they slipped on a Villa shirt, but Benteke senior is perhaps the only one of Paul Lambert’s signings that has surpassed his You Tube form. Maybe it runs in the family?

Of course, Lambert is touch-and-go to still be Villa boss and Villa fans rather than visit You Tube, will be more likely to have a sneaky online bet (learn more about online sports betting) on  David Moyes being the next boss at 10/1. MOMS wouldn’t neccesarily advocate Moyes though.

Whoever the Villa boss in the summer, there would actually be a bit of sense in snapping up Benteke Jr.


Reasons to sign Jonathan Benteke for Villa…

1. He’d be cheap and will be no worse than Bowery. Could Bowery score a goal like the one in the video? I rest my case.

2. With Benteke Senior’s best pal  Sylla dropping hints in the French press that he wants out of Villa, Benteke might appreciate the support of his real bro, while he recuperates from his injury.

3. If Jonathan has any of his brother’s skills then he’s worth getting in at 19-years-old to develop further.

4. They’d surely have a great brotherly understanding playing as a duo and could also speak in French to confuse opposition defences (apart from Arsenal and Newcastle!).

5. Our current Benteke is broken, so we do actually need a new one. At least as a short-term replacement.

6. The Benteke brothers, it has a nice ring to it and Villa could market the hell out of it.


In terms of transfer fee, surely less than a million, Benteke Jr would be typical of Lambert’s  financially low-risk signings and could  be a rough diamond-type find. Just judging Benteke Jr on the above clip alone (his second goal in 17 appearances), suggests he’s got to be worth a punt. If he’s got that skill and confidence in his locker, then he’s half-way there. Plus, the influence of his brother must have rubbed off him.

A stunt  and novelty signing? Yes, but the novelty would boost spirits amongst fans, before Villa hopefully buy some proper marquee players.

As a blind punt, why not? He’s young and may amount to something. He’s got to be better than some of the players the club have signed recently. Even if he doesn’t amount to much, surely having Benteke-Benteke on the back of your shirt has to be better than Djemba-Djemba?! UTV



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