Five Reasons to be Cheerful

Oh football gods, really? Do we have to have another season where you serve up sh**e Villa results and I have to try and come up with five reasons to be cheerful for Villa fans every week. Come on, you’ve tortured me enough over five seasons.

The Independent on Sunday asked me what I thought of Villa’s preparation for the season for an article they ran over the weekend on Tommy Elphick.

‘In the pre-season games, we’ve been watching what we watched last season – it is effectively the same team, and that team is not going anywhere.’

It was a realistic opinion not warped by the usual start of season blind optimism, that a fresh slate brings. The first two defeats against Sheffield Wednesday and Luton have backed up the view, that this club needs a new team.

The defeat against Wednesday wasn’t such a big deal, as the Owls are a decent team and also Villa showed some promise in spells. The lapse in the final minutes and then the capitulation at Kenilworth Road though, were two red flags that this season may not go well, unless addressing the team’s short-comings is addressed asap.

After Derby got relegated from the Premier League, rooted at the bottom with less than 20 points, they haven’t returned since. That was nine seasons ago. That is a horror story that Villa can’t contemplate, but it is still a potential outcome, if complacency sets in.

Anyway, while Tony Xia and Roberto Di Matteo continue to try and sort this mess out, here’s five reasons to be cheerful as Villa fans…


2. Villa Supporter’s Enthusiasm

Villa’s travelling supporters attacked the opening day of the season with plenty of bravado. They traveled to Hillsborough in trains, cars, on trams and even by stretched limo (see below video). The 4000+ Villans was one of the best away followings of the opening weekend and won the respect of the Wednesday home fans with the noise they created.

A further 1500 sold out the allocation at Luton, but those guys making such an effort on a school night, were seriously let down by their team’s application.


For the last five years, the Villa supporters – home and away – have deserved better, so when the team finally start paying them back?

One reason why MOMS campaigns for lower away ticket prices isn’t necessary because it’s a rip off (it is)…but also, because as a Villa fan, with our team, it’s just not worth it!

With some 5000+ allocations coming up for the Barnsley and Preston games, it will be interesting to see if Villa supporters still have an appetite for spending their cash on Villa away days after a dodgy start to the season.



  1. The worst players at Villa are Hutton and Cissokho. You can add Richards to that list when he is playing at center back, his amateurish positioning would make Vincent Kompany look bad.

  2. i dont think the formation helps either,,, and it was matteo who selected that team

    we all want to see gardner green grealish and tisbola form a nucleus of a team but it will take time

    and richards okore mccormack and amavi are very short on playing time,,,,

    its not an excuse but we are not the only side to trip up in this cup rotating the squad

    • Agreed about formation, Gestede is not mobile or deft enough with touch to lead the line on his own. Not sure about the midfield, 2 of the names you mention cannot tackle, Gardner will be suspended a lot it seems and Tshibola is good but not experienced enough yet. I like all of them, but they need some leadership to show them how to improve.

      No excuse for a professional footballer who cannot take a throw in. That’s basic and just shows a lack of mentality. Okore won’t get much playing time with the horror show he put on, though he is not a Left sided Centre Back. McCormack I suspect is not 100% fit, and Amavi yes needs time unless the injury has ruined him.

      Again, don’t care about the cup, promotion is the primary goal. Care about same mistakes happening over and over again. Definition of Insanity: Doing the same thing repeatedly expecting different results.

  3. Ship out, Hutton Richards Westwood Bacuna okore and ship in
    Jednik Chester laet ,nice one Dr T Xia , they have a owner who
    Who wants the garbage out.

    • Trade ya Lescott for Bacuna in that list and then I agree, though Westy might be gone already if the rumors are right. Bacuna hasn’t been on the pitch for the latest collapses, when he has been on the pitch, going forward he’s looked ok, hasn’t cried for a transfer, been quiet on social media, seemingly is trying to get his head down, deserves a chance IMO.

      • what happened to his place in the champins league?, hutton, good but past it now, westwood should be told to provide at least 4 meaningful shots per gamel escott? should dhave been taken behind the holte and put down like bacuna,okore, and that dribbling baffoon cissokho who brendan rogers described as the worst defender he’d ever seen

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