Five Reasons to be Cheerful as Aston Villa Fans as Carles Gil and Sinclair May Join Soon

1. Creative Lads

Hang on a minute, didn’t we need a creative midfielder and winger seasons ago? At MOMS we even got bored about writing posts on the need for a decent attacking midfielder. Momentum is gathering to the rumours that Villa have sealed the deal for four million Euros for Valencia’s 22-year-old attacking midfielder Carles Gil.

Carles Gil deal confirmed for Aston Villa

Is he any good? I hear you cry. No idea. He’s on the outskirts of the current Valencia team and at 22 doesn’t look like the finished product. Indeed Valencia seem to want to loan him out for more game time.

To be honest, there’s as much chance as him becoming another Antonio Luna than being Villa’s saviour, if Villa continue to play with little movement or intelligence going forward. Gil will have to come in and play with immediate confidence to make an impact in a Villa shirt.

Will Villa’s need for more width and better deliveries be answered with the possible signing of Scott Sinclair too? Villa were currently put off by Manchester City’s £2.5 million asking price on top of his wages. Even at just 25, many feel that Sinclair’s best years could be behind him judging by the fact he hasn’t performed well at City or while on loan to West Brom last season. Thus if Villa were to take the gamble on Sinclair they would be looking to shave a million off the asking price and also potentially more than half the winger’s current 50k a week wages.

While both may hopefully add spark and dimension to Villa’s attack, it would be good to also get somebody in tried and trusted in the January window.

2. We didn’t lose 8-0

I lost count of the amount of clean cut chances Leicester had against Villa. If David Nugent had his shooting boots on he’d have bagged an easy hat-trick. 3-0 would have been a fair result and it could have been even worse than that. Lambert got lucky in that respect.

3. We did score

Yes, Villa had the ball in the net! Christian Benteke’s finish was pretty decent. Yeah, ok, it was offside, but still, it’s a step in the right direction. A baby step.

4. Possession is King?

Possession is good right? 62% against Leicester, 69% against Crystal Palace, and even 57% away at the possession gurus Swansea.  How good are we! Earlier in the season, the team were lucky to chalk up over 35% of a game’s possession. That was judged to be the root of the problem on the pitch for Villa. Problem solved…nah. Now we manage to boss the majority of possession, life seems to have got even worse result-wise. How so? Check this out:

aston villa shooting statistics

5th Stat

Er, we’re not last in the Shooting Accuracy category in the above table…

Thanks to Villans Gary Beesley, Conor Higgins and James Parry for their input. UTV

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  1. Watched video of gil he looks good he actually runs past players and passes going toward the opposition goal!! Mind you im sure Lamberk will explain hes going the wrong way. Besides seems his agents want a pay off so well probably mess it up. Anyway have you seen the petition for the removal of Lamberk? Although our board will probably offer him contract extension first. In 3 games we will be back in tne relegation scrap this time i fear one of the teams below us will scrape a couple of late wins to get us relegated then maybe into administration. Thanks to all the board and execs for their amazing mis management. Makes the banking crisis look a positive. (Oh yes forgot isnt Learner part of banking crisis he even thinks Lambert was worth a bigger payout. A new contract for gods sake for the worst manager in our history.)

  2. My first thoughts were, Who? and, Oh god, no, please!

    Like everyone else, I’ve never heard of Gil, but I also feel that he’s not being off loaded because of his magnificent wing play,I sincerely hope I’m wrong, going on Lambert’s transfer record, well…….

    Sinclair, pause to groan, he looked to have a promising future at Swansea, then decided he was to good for them, step in Man City, with 2million a year wages, he played 109 minutes for them.

    So let’s try the Baggies for a season loan for 2013/14. He played 301 minutes spread over 8 games, 4 starts, and subbed in every one, brought on from the bench in 4 other games.
    In those games, he had 5 shots at goal 2 on target, which might be why Lambert likes him, made just 2 tackles, only made 4 successful crosses, (cry Benteke), no assists (cry the rest of the players). I think all Villa supporters should be made to read these stats. (then cry)

    Just to add, his well known missus, said while he was at the Baggies, they were having a house built near London and had no intention of living in the Birmingham area because her work was in London.

    I’m now deflated, this is our “bright future” god help us!

  3. we need to set up to be more direct, that means someone playing off benteke
    and a midfielder or two pushing on,, and at least one winger
    442 or 424 or 343
    the width has to come from competent wingers, bacuna being the best we have
    if players come in then 4231

    but i have no faith in lambert or any player he brings in,they wont make any difference, if he cant see whats wrong now then we are doomed, to continue the way we have played the last few games is suicide

    we need to sit deeper against pool and hit on the break

    like we used to

    my gut feeling is we will be better against pool but clarkes suspension may cost us

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