Is it even worth going through the motions and discussing that performance? The way the Villa defence conceded that second goal was bordering on comical. This Villa backline for a few seasons now has been one massive embarrassment. Why has it not been a priority to sort out once and for all? You know, invest in quality defenders, as it does pay off in the long-run.

I predicted a 2-1 win to Stoke, it had an air of predictability about it, as Villa continue to hurtle towards relegation with barely a whimper of resistance.

We can’t put up with this shi*e anymore as the American business men slowly destroy us. We’ve suggested a commercial boycott, engagement of sponsors and will confirm a Supporters Charter of Improvement this weekend. They’ll be more action to come and all Villa supporters should shake their apathy and rise up and make their feelings known in whatever way they can.

This football club is fast loosing its identity due to a ham-fisted owner and his incompetent cronies.

Enough is enough.

In the meantime, here’s five reasons to be cheerful as Villa fans…

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The in-game vocal protest stepped up a notch at Stoke with the first proper airing of a ‘Lerner Out’ song.

“We want Lerner out,

Randy Lerner out,

I just don’t think you understand.

From European nights to relegation fights,

We want Randy Lerner out.”

The song was sang loudly a number of times throughout the game. Get sharing and learn it for Tuesday against Everton, if you’re going. Also, let us know what you think of this walkout on the 74th minute protest in the comments, and if you’re planning on doing it.



  1. Mr Gale, Lerner came into our club expecting instant success and also expecting the club to be his cash cow.
    But he failed to realise, he had to run it as a football club, not a financial institution, and invest, wisely, to get success.
    He failed in the latter, badly, he employed as his CEO, a financial buddy of his from his MBNA bank holding company, Paul Faulkner, who had zero experience of football, and was a complete failure, but he’s still not learned from that and is still setting on financial people!
    Lerner has failed in every department, that’s without question, forget all the stuff about how much he’s put into the club, through RAL a UK based Holding Company for Aston Villa FC, he’s completely and utterly failed to manage the club properly, hence the financial mess he found himself in, and a few seasons ago started asset stripping with the sale of the best players, making even a bigger mess of things.
    His failure to sort the manager side of things is also a disgrace, not a clue what he was doing, the McLeish appointment proved that, again, lack of football side of things at the club, so he ultimately takes the blame for that.
    So trying not to blame him for our present predicament, is like trying not to blame Hilter for WWII.
    To sum up. As long as he is owner, and the present board is in place, our club will lurch from one disaster to another.
    I rest my case. R.I.P. Aston Villa. And F*** you Randy Lerner for destroying MY club. UTV.

    • I blamed Faulkner for a lot of Villa’s woes but he left & we still had problems . As for the club being a cash cow I keep hearing that fable about a man known to be generous with his own money . But is he totally to blame for the problems or could it be that he was deceived about how well the club’s finances were looked after ?
      As for the asset stripping surely that was to cover the massive losses gambled on the Club gaining CL status and players wanting to leave because we had not !Wasy to p[oint the grubby finger but so easy to accept the fact that all those 6th place finishes were a false dawn

  2. Well if we have to wait as long as the Toffees have for new investment I think those who constantly preach doom and are going to have a fair few more years of anguish
    As for Yanks bleeding the club dry was there ever anything to bleed from the other than the massive investments that Lerner has put into the club , as before him the club was run on a shoestring budget . But I’ve no doubt some would claim that it’s worse than that now , which I seriously doubt .
    One thing is for certain and that is that to stay in the Prem clubs need far more dosh than was the norm before Randy took over . Trouble is that he’s no longer one of the richest owners in the Prem and we have to compete with clubs that have . And it’s no good saying were a big club with lots of fans if we do not have the income to match . And it’s easy to blame Lerner & Fox but does the blame lie totally with them ? Certainly if notice has been paid to Holliss’s comments & the silent departure of a board member perhaps they were not entirely to blame as finance seems to have been an issue
    And it’s easy to say we should have attempted to buy our way out of trouble or would it have been money wasted ? Money that would be better spent next summer !
    I don’t know but one thing is certain and that the club has been spending too much money and not just on the playing side of the club yet we have little to show for it
    As for the team itself I’d question when did we last have a decent team ? And I say it went back to at least before the O’Leary era as despite all those 6th places s under O’Neil I did not consider we had a decent team let alone a squad and frquently commented that it was like having a defense, an attack & sometimes a midfield with no links between them . That has improved but with a fall in the overall quality of the team and an inability to attack the opposition goal but that had already started to happen under MON

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