Hot on the news that Sheffield Wednesday are charging visiting Aston Villa away fans £42 for an adult ticket – that’s 40% above the maximum Premier League away ticket next season – there’s some more progressive news for Villa away fans.

Reading FC have announced they will be back the FSF Twenty’s plenty campaign and charge visiting supporters £20.


The Royals issued a statement today in full support of the Football Supporters Federation (FSF) Twenty’s Plenty campaign, stating that:

‘Next season travelling adult fans, who are Season Ticket holders or Members at their respective clubs, will be able to come and watch their team take on Jaap Stam’s Royals for just £20!’

The club have also made reductions for home fans too, who will also be able to pay £20 in their newly named Eamonn Dolan Stand (the same price as the lower North Stand at Villa).

The club stressed they were keen to embrace a ‘Twenty’s Plenty’ policy, adding in their statement:

‘This is a pricing strategy which demonstrates that Reading Football Club are listening to its supporters and football fans across the country – and we hope it will be a structure which other clubs will admire and adopt.’

The most encouraging thing was Reading actually challenging other clubs in the league (that means you Sheffield Wednesday!) to follow suit.

‘We fully anticipate other clubs will follow suit and reciprocal pricing arrangements to be put in place across the country, which will ultimately benefit Royals fans on the road as well. That is our ultimate aim.’

FSF chief executive Kevin Miles was quick to add his praise to Readings actions: “We warmly welcome Reading’s initiative which will not only benefit their own fans, but also fans of the 23 other clubs in the Championship.

“It is particularly heartening to see Reading encouraging other clubs in the division to follow suit. They have established a leading position for themselves in making football affordable.”

Certainly the board at Reading deserve a double thumbs-up for such a progressive approach to pricing and for setting an example. They clearly understand that long-term such a pricing approach can only benefit the club and the league as a whole.


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