Holte Enders in the Sky Full Version

Holte Enders in the Sky

There’s no doubt what the most popular song is for Villa supporters.  Celebrating what used to be the biggest and far-reaching terrace in Europe, ‘Holte Enders in the Sky‘ is a terrace anthem that has long been the unique signature tune of Villa.

A rally call to lift the players when things aren’t going well on the pitch, a celebratory roar when they are. The title also serves as the honorary epitaph given to claret and blue supporters who are sadly no longer with us.

In short, it’s the DNA of Villa supporters from the cradle to the grave.

Now abbreviated to just a repeated chorus, it’s a song that is also appreciated in football culture by other football fans; as a bunch of Liverpool fans recently reminded MOMS, when enthusing about it.

The last time (and one of the very rare times) MOMS heard the full version given an outing was at Villa U-21 play-off game at the Emirates against Arsenal in 2016 (the game that ‘youngster’ Santi Cazorla played in). It used to be sung in pubs in its fuller form in pubs before games back in the 1970’s/1980’s, with the words occasionally changing and evolving.

Maybe it’s time to update the longer version of the song unique to Villa? Rather than doing Villa versions of other club’s songs?


The song derives from (Ghost) Riders in the Sky: A Cowboy Legend, a song penned back in 1948 by Stan Jones , and made infamous first by the Billboard chart-topping version by Vaughn Monroe in 1949 and then later by Johnny Cash in the 1970’s – although there’s been many a cover from Elvis and Tom Jones to a trance version by Debbie Harry and a more punkier version that R.E.M used to play live.

In the days of old, it was a song that expressed in a rather brutal fashion, the superiority of Aston Vila to their City neighbours. In fact, the full length version of Holte Enders in the Sky perhaps emphasises the difference like no other Villa song.

With lyrics that wouldn’t make it look out-of-place on Nick Cave’s ‘Murder Ballads’ album, there’s no surprise, the full version rarely gets an outing.

If you’ve never heard it in its full glory, here’s the full Holte Enders in the Sky lyrics below. UTV


Holte Enders in the Sky Full Version


As I walked down to Villa Park one dark and dusty day,

I spied a poor old City fan running far away,

I said to that poor City fan, it looks like you must die, ‘Cuz you have seen the glory of … Holte Enders in the sky

Yippeeh aye aaaayyyy yippeeh aye ooohhhh, Holte Enders in the sky.

We chased him through the terraces, we chased him down the streets,

But little did that City fan know that death must be his fate,

‘Cuz Villa fans rule Birmingham and city fans know why,

‘Cuz they have seen the glory of…. Holte Enders in the sky

Yippeeh aye aaaaahhhh yippee aye oooohhhhh Holteenders in the sky”


To the tune of:


Johnny Cash version



Vaughn Monroe version



R.E.M version



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