Letting Fabian Delph go in January Could be a Naive Nail in the Villa Coffin

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Fabian Delph £4 Mil Rumours

There’s been a lot of talk in the press over the last couple of days of Aston Villa being willing to let Fabian Delph for £4 million. Surely, that’s not true?

If Villa were willing to let Delph go, then if I was Liverpool or Spur (or any club), I’d bite Villa’s arm off to secure such a deal at that price. The Villa midfielder still has his best years ahead of him and he’s also impressed at international level since he’s broken through into the England set-up this season. Delph would normally cost comfortably over double the proposed £4 million fee, so there is a bit of leeway to pay more in wages to attract his services.

It’s a no brainer for any buying club, but what of the sellers?

[An in-depth look at what Delph has brought to Villa]

Villa’s POV on Delph

With Delph looking increasingly unlikely to sign a new contract for Villa at the end of the season, due to the club’s current direction (and who can blame him), there will be a train of thought that says, lets get whatever we can for him. £4 million though? It’s nowhere near enough.

There’s no doubt that Villa are going to be involved in a relegation battle. They have by far the worst goal-scoring record in the Premier League and only Everton are below them in the last six game current form table. Avoiding relegation would lead to a multi-million pound windfall for the club with the recently increased Premier League TV revenue, which in comparison makes £4 million seem like loose change.

Would Delph improve Villa’s chances of survival and securing the Premier League TV revenue of next season? Hell, yes!

Also, there is now little time to replace Delph in the January window. Any bid for the Villa midfielder would potentially be on deadline day, leaving Villa with a bit of a whole in midfield, not to mention losing one of the only current Villa players it’s actually worth paying to see play.

Unless they get lucky, it would probably cost Villa a lot more than £4 million to replace Delph.

Carles Gil is obviously not a replacement and his potential impact could be dampened by the lack of Delph’s quick-mind in the midfield alongside him.

It’s for all these reasons you couldn’t see even Villa letting go of Delph at this stage of the season. If the board did and then the club got relegated, they’d only have themselves to blame.


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