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Join the My Old Man Said inner circle and get membership to Match Club (the MOMS secret members community) and access to an exclusive Members-only My Old Man Said podcast channel (including ad-free versions, extra shows and access to a back catalogue of 140+ bonus shows), merchandise discount and the inside track on supporter issues and Villa-related opportunities.

Become a MOMS Member to get all that and help support truly independent Villa publishing that has your interest as a supporter at its heart.

For a small publisher like My Old Man Said, the business model of creating quality content and giving it away for free was never going to be a sustainable one. But with the support of our readers and listeners as MOMS Members, we can solely focus on giving you smarter quality podcasts and writing.

We respect our readers and listeners, and we’ll love you even more, if you join our MOMS Members Club.


  • Exclusive Members-only Podcast Channel

My Old Man Said patron shows

A whole dedicated Members-only Podcast Channel, that includes several exclusive regular shows, including:

Ad-free versions of main show – new for 2022/23 ad-free versions of the main show

After Hours – Extra and extended recordings from every main show (new for 2022/23)

The Mad Few Sessionsanswering the burning Villa questions

Off the Record – The MOMSalogue from MOMS Editor David Michael, insights into supporter issues and MOMS history

Raw Reactions – Reaction shows to key Villa issues

  • Access to a Back Catalogue of 150+ Bonus Shows

My Old Man Said Extra podcasts

  • Match Club Membership

Without wanting to break the first two rules of Match Club (see below), Match Club originally was born as MOMS’ antidote to putting life and fun into lockdown and behind-closed-doors football. Since then, it has grown into a great international community that keeps each other informed and entertained 24/7. It also invented the notion of going ‘full goldfish’, before Ted Lasso bought into the goldfish state of mind.

Also, there’s clubs within Match Club, including Screen Club where members can discuss what they’re watching and Investo Club, where members share investment knowledge and insights, and for the gamers, there’s Game Club.

“Match Club is genius. Definitely enhanced my usual ‘match day’ from home experience. Good people, good vibes, good discussions! “

“Brilliant idea! Match club great much better than Twitter hysteria.”

“MOMS Match Club has been a success, much better innovation than VAR”

  • Unique Opportunities

In the past MOMS has put forward members for an expenses-paid Villa away day, a kit launch where a MOMS member got to play with ex-Villa players and pick up a free new kit (boots included!) and a tour of Bodymoor Heath to watch Villa’s first team train. Plus, there’s been plenty of freebies given out along the way.

  • Big Love

You also get our love and appreciation for being part of the MOMS members community, and the knowledge that your contribution will help us grow, so you get more in the long-term.


If you want to get full access to Match Club, ad-free shows and inner circle heads-ups to MOMS opportunities, we recommend coming in at least the £5 + VAT – there’s no VAT to pay if you are outside the EU.

That’s around the cost of a pint.

The good news is now you can pay in most local currencies.


It’s simple, sign up via the button at the top of the page or the one below:

Become a Patron!


Everything you need to know is hopefully cleared up on the MOMS Members FAQ page, but if you still have any questions drop MOMS an email on [email protected]