Erika Roe – Aston Villa’s Infamous Naked Fan

Infamous Villan

It was while googling for an image of George Best in an Aston Villa shirt that a completely different figure in the claret and blue appeared. The voluptuous form of Erika Roe, who became famous in the eighties for streaking across the Twickenham pitch during half-time of a England vs Australia rugby game.


Her connection to George Best according to Google? God only knows.

Villa Fan

As a Villa fan she’d unknowingly timed her infamous streak to perfection, January 1982 was a few months before the club’s finest achievement of lifting the European Cup and she would have a photo opportunity with the players that went on to lift the cup.


Roe was last heard of living in Portugal with her husband and three kids, plying their trade as ‘sweet potato’ farmers. If she’s been living a lowkey life, the Grainstore brewery actually named a on-tap beer after her.

Update 12/14: 33 years since her streak, Erika Roe has posed naked for a 2015 calender to raise awareness for breast Cancer. More details on her website –

How times have changed since her streak over 30-years ago, the streak was laughed off and considered a bit of harmless fun like a Carry On film, just like the iconic male streaker at Twickenham in 1974 who had his modesty saved by a policeman’s helmet, captured in the famous picture below.


Twickenham streaker male version – 1974


Nowadays such a streaker would be treated in a heavy-handed fashion and, as with the streaker at the Manchester City game at Villa Park last season, be prosecuted and end up on the sex offender’s list. Sadly, as a society we’re becoming more and more puritanical as the year’s pass. Hell, we can’t even wave a ‘One Stan Petrov’ flag without some people complaining and getting it banned. Sad times indeed.

Quizzing Fans

Speaking of Carry On humour, below are the top 20 answers by MOMS followers on Facebook in no particular order (although the first one did get the most Facebook likes) to the following question:


Who’s this Villa fan and what is she famous for?


Erica Roe not Collymore, Morley, Gregory, Cascarino or Six!
1. Jamie ‘Jamo’ – Greer For having a chin like Buzz Lightyear
2. Steve Starrs – Apparently she stole two footballs, although no one knows how she sneaked them out of the ground !!!
3. Steven J Green – Her lovely personality, of course!
4. Kevin Moore – For ‘avin a crackin’ rack of course!
5. Julian Slugger Bradford – is this Stan Collymore before his sex and race change?
6. Garry Nolan – she appeared on Jim Will Fix It and DIDN`T get groped?
7. Mark Cooksey – You’d spot her kids at school , they’d be the ones with stretch marks round their mouths !!!
8. Yvonne Symeou – I see our male Villa fans have a great sense of humour.
9. Phil Caldwell – Great pair. What a stand in the background. True history and shame it couldn’t have been developed rather than replaced. How did Douglas ever get planning permission to knock down that listed masterpiece. Anyway lovely set
10.Martin Hewitt – Dunno but that shirt’s a bit small!
11. Steve Webster – It would appear to be a young lady with Billy Beaumont’s a**e strapped to her chest…
12. Simon Goodyear – Two pints of Davenports
13. James Stephen Bell – For being Aston’s long lost norkosaurus?
14.  Bill Chisholm – Didier 66c our first French winger
15. Darren Wolfie Smith – tell her to move, she’s blocking a view of our once great trinity road stand frontage ! Now that was a majestic sight.
16. Kevin Corkhill – was this Tony Morley after he finished playing?
17. Dave Clarke – is it John Gregory?
18. Leon Monington – Not many cups like that seen down Villa Park recently!
19. Steve Clayton – Is it Tony Cascarino?
20. Nick Patrick Kavanagh – Erica Roe, she had her knockers ,but I thought she was fab.



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