BBC apologise to Aston Villa fans

 BBC apology sought 

After the BBC published the above defamatory and insulting description of a member of Aston Villa Football Club yesterday on the BBC’s Football website, MOMS sent an official compliant to the BBC Online department asking for a formal BBC apology to all Aston Villa supporters for the grief caused (see below).

The scale of this insult is up there with the Danish Muslim cartoons that caused a bombing of an embassy. Broadcasting House beware!

Full complaint sent to the BBC:

Complaint Summary: Caused grave insult to Aston Villa Supporters

Full Complaint: Under the headline of ‘Other Gossip’ on your football gossip page, you’ve unforgivably insulted all Aston Villa supporters with the following comment:

‘Birmingham City manager Alex McLeish will order his players to acknowledge their supporters at the end of games after many of them ignored their away fans after the defeat at Newcastle.’

Now I know your football website is prone to errors (I seem to spot at least one typo a week), but this is seriously going too far.

Maybe the cliche of the BBC not knowing about anything outside of London is true. Or maybe one of your staff members wanted to play a cruel joke on us. It’s bad enough MOTD always putting Villa games low down in the program’s scheduling, but there’s no need to kick us when we’re down.

We did invent the football league after all.

On behalf of My Old Man Said Villa supporter’s group and all Aston Villa fans, I would like a full apology from the BBC on this matter; rather than just one of your staff swiftly changing it and hoping no-one will notice. It’s already gone viral on Villa supporter facebook groups & twitter.

Yours sincerely



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