Paris Statue Provides Inspiration for Villa Park

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A Venglos View


If you’re going to Paris in the near future, a trip to the Pompidou Centre to see the five- foot high bronze statue of Zinedine Zidane’s infamous headbutt on Marco Materazzi in the 2006 World Cup Final, is a must. The impact of the statue in Paris, created by Algerian artist  Adel Abdesseme, has already started to make waves across the channel in Birmingham, where it’s being considered as an unlikely inspiration to solve  a long-term problem at Villa Park.


…are you thinking what I’m thinking?


One discussion amongst Villa supporters that surfaces from time-to-time is who there should be statues of around Villa Park? Tony Barton? Ron Saunders? Dennis Mortimer? Well, since this artist  is well-versed with the headbutt statue, maybe it’s an opportunity for Villa fans to lobby the Villa board to get Mr Abdesseme to create a 10 ft statue of Dion Dublin’s infamous headbutt of Robbie Savage to stand outside the Holte End?


Imagine this in bronze…hmmm, beautiful


While admittedly, the talent of our Algerian artist friend may be stretched when it comes to getting Savages hair right, I couldn’t think of a better response from the club to Robbie Savage’s headline mongering Villa relegation prediction

Randy…over to you son.



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