Time to Laugh About it? Cartoon Parody Videos of the FA Cup Final

There’s a few unfunny comedy websites specialising in football, but we thought the below cartoons from humourous 442oons were certainly worth a place in A Venglos View, as we couldn’t have summed up the FA Cup final better ourselves.

While I’m still disappointed by the Villa team ‘performance’ on cup final day, I think a two week period is enough to now get over the FA Cup final, isn’t it? Jack Grealish (or Jack GrealEnglishIrish, as he’s called in the below video) is already on his third summer holiday, so it must be ok.

If for some morbid reason you want to remember the 2015 FA Cup final, these videos really are the only videos you should watch.

First off, is the video that very much addresses Villa’s performance on the day:

If you liked that, then watch the pre FA Cup final build-up Wenger vs Sherwood rap battle. The highlight being both Arsene Wenger and Tim Sherwood’s backing singers.

There’s a lot of good stuff to be found on 442oons, so certainly worth checking out more of their videos too.


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  1. I can’t believe that MOMS a web site purporting to be Villa fans would promote this disrespectful London biased garbage as satirical animation . What planet are you guys on ? Every Villa fan knew that for Villa to beat a team where one Arsenal player cost more than the whole Villa squad put together would need an epic performance while at the same time Arsenal needed to have an off day . Unfortunately the opposite happened and now we have not just Arsenal fans and the London media crowing about it we have MOMS promoting this rubbish . How about an animation of The Emirates stadium sitting at the bottom of a rubbish bin and a big bucket of money being poured into it to depict the huge amount of cash spent on the team ,manager and stadium over the past few years without any league title to boast of or European success ? MOMS should sponsor a best pro Aston Villa animation not this arsenal biased rubbish . So to answer the question no I’m not over the cup final yet !

    • Damn. I thought only smart people with a sense of humour and the ability to laugh at themselves read this website. Oh well…

      Looks like you’re in deep denial. Most fans actually expected their team to turn up…maybe have a shot on target and maybe even a corner. Do the gist of the cartoon saying Villa didn’t turn up is bang on the morning.

      You have to laugh about it, or else you start thinking thoughts like, ‘I paid £90 for the ticket to watch a totally inept performance – I’ve been mugged’.

      Hull City the season before vs Arsenal weren’t given a chance, but at least they gave it go. The season before that, Wigan team that got relegated that season, were given no chance against money bags Manchester City, but they beat them.

      Th FA Cup final has a rich history of underdog wins: Wimbledon were once given less chance than Villa were given, when they played an excellent Liverpool team in 1988, but they won. Likewise, Coventry against Spurs the season before.

      Sunderland in the old second division beat a mighty Leeds team in the 1973 final against all odds. Then what about Villa in 1957!

      If your manager has a plan and effort from the players on the day, you’ll have a chance to make a game of it. Also, other teams have stopped Arsenal playing this season (Swansea did the double over them).

      Put it this way, I was disappointed with Sherwood on the day, because a lot of that performance does boil down to him. Wenger knew exactly what to do to neutralise Villa and Tactics Tim was found to be wanting in response.

      Don’t be so sensitive.

  2. Its a candidate for perhaps the worst game I have ever seen Villa play (in almost 45 years)…..I did miss the Chelsea game but even so…they were not even that bad in ’87

    • Yes, when a team gets to an FA Cup final and can’t even muster a corner or shot on target, you start questioning just what they are being paid to do? Arsenal didn’t even break sweat. It was the most embarrassing game I’ve seen from Villa in three decades+

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