Five Reasons to be Cheerful as a Villa Fan After Manchester City Doom


One win in how many games? Villa’s run of form is no longer a laughing matter. While performances have improved and aren’t the worst we’ve seen in recent years at Villa Park, results have been. 10 games left. Definitely time to finish with a flurry. So any reasons to be cheerful?


1. We’re so numb to the feeling of defeat we don’t even feel any pain any more. Now weekends aren’t ruined by a Villa defeat. One drink and the last loss is forgotten about. We can get up and go again, and get beat again. It’s like water off a duck’s back. It’s great to now have this immunity to Villa despair. It may come in useful at the end of the season.

2. We don’t have to listen to any hard luck stories and ‘if only’s’ any more. We don’t have to waste time reading any of the official website or newspaper interviews with players talking about ‘fighting spirit’, ‘fire in the belly’, ‘how good a new January signing is’ (so good he hasn’t started yet) or the old classic ‘if we play like this we’ll stay up’. It’s all bull. Now we’ve reached the part of the season as supporters where we can just focus on one thing – POINTS. Talk is cheap, but points might bring us £60 million of TV rights money next season and our self-respect.

3. Aston Villa are at least apparently making money out of empty seats at Villa Park. I’m guessing that Lynx would have had to pay for the two astronauts at the City game to be allowed in. You try turning up at Villa Park in full astronaut gear and get past the stewards!

4. The amazing sight of Aston Villa being mournful and sorry about the fact that Fabian Delph will miss the two games against Reading and QPR. A few weeks ago, such a suspension would have started a carnival of celebration in B6. Good to see Delph overcoming his injury setbacks and haters to start making a fist of becoming a Villa player.

5. The wait is over. Villa will pretty much know their relegation fate after the next two games. So either we will be put out of our misery (by losing one or both games) or kick some a** to pull away from mess we’re in. Minimum four points for satisfaction, me thinks.


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