Release Lambert’s Lime Lions! (and fixtures)

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So on the 18th August at Upton Park, a clash of claret and blue with West Ham, will see the release of the Lambert’s Lime Lions for the first time. Or as MOMS first joked Lambert’s Limes – #lambertslimes …which seems to have been picked up by the Villa marketing department.

Once the initial shock of seeing the limeness of the kit wore off, a lot of Villa fans are now starting to embrace it. Personally, I think it adds to the sense of fun of away games.

‘We glow in the dark, we glow in the dark, we’re Aston Villa, we glow in the dark”

Is already getting keyboard chants in preparation for vocal delivery in football stadiums across the UK (and in the USA on the preseason tour).

Chris Herd goes Lime

It’s not the first time Villa have gone green by any means. Who can forget the Muller green-stripe antics of Asics in 1993-95? The kit helped bring a League Cup win in 1994, and now in hindsight is regarded as a bit of a retro/vintage classic.

Oh yes! What a vintage.


In 1884, Villa actually wore green in a home kit, before the formation of the league took place.

Villa go green in the 19th Century


Those looking for traditional links on firmer ground though, should look more to the yellow and blue away kits in the 1970’s of which Villa’s new lime and blue ensemble resembles the most.


Villa away 1969-1975


A design and colour path that Hummel also followed in the 2005-06 season.


Villa away 2005-06


While the new Macron lime away kit isn’t ideal to wear for those nursing hangovers on match day, if you’re cycling to a game, it’s great to ensure your road safety.

Be Green. Be Seen. Be Safe.



ASTON VILLA fixtures for the 2012/13 Premier League season:

Those marked in Lime are potential sightings of Lambert’s Lime Lions.


18 West Ham (A)

25 Everton (H)


2 Newcastle (A) (4pm ko)

15 Swansea (H)

22 Southampton (A)

30 West Brom (H) (Live Sky 4pm)


7 Tottenham (A) (3pm ko)

20 Fulham (A)

28 Norwich (H) (Live Sky 1.30pm)


3 Sunderland (A)

10 Man Utd (H) (Live Sky 5.30pm)

17 Man City (A)

24 Arsenal (H) (Live ESPN 5.30pm)

27 Reading (H) (Live Sky Sports 8pm)


1 QPR (A)

8 Stoke (H)

15 Liverpool (A)

22 Chelsea (A)

26 Tottenham (H)

29 Wigan (H)


1 Swansea (A)

12 Southampton (H)

19 West Brom (A)

29 Newcastle (H)


2 Everton (A)

9 West Ham (H)

23 Arsenal (A)


2 Man City (H)

9 Reading (A)

16 QPR (H)

30 Liverpool (H)


6 Stoke (A)

13 Fulham (H)

20 Man Utd (A)

27 Sunderland (H)


4 Norwich (A)

12 Chelsea (H)

19 Wigan (A)


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Green Lion by Felipe Soltero

Aston Villa kit pictures from the excellent site:


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