Rémi Garde Interview

It was obvious that Rémi Garde’s main plan at Goodison Park was to cramp Everton’s style by playing two disciplined banks of four. In the early stages of the game, Villa rarely ventured outside of their own half, but their shape didn’t hold for long as Barkley’s goal, after a well-worked Everton move, meant they’d need a plan B after only 17 minutes.

Villa had very little threat going forward throughout the game, as their defence crumbled behind them. It seems that Rémi Garde already knows his first XI, something that Tim Sherwood couldn’t work out after months with the players, but it just doesn’t look good enough for this league at the moment.

The Villa boss in his post-match interview (below) suggested the player’s confidence is low, yet it’s not the only thing they are lacking. Quality and organisation seem to be top of the low list.

Rémi Garde interview

Fox Hope

You only have to look at what Leicester City have done with less resources than Villa to realise that Lerner and his board should be doing much, much, much better.

When you also consider that the Foxes were dead and buried at Christmas last season and how they’ve resurrected themselves since, it’s at least an encouraging example for Garde that turnarounds can happen. He’ll need Lerner to help him in January in getting in ready-to-go quality players to have any chance to do the same though. But would such players come now?

One thing is for sure though, Villa will need points from their next couple of games to have any chance of staying in touch come January.


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  1. The manager cannot be blamed and must be supported. After 6 relegation struggles it should be clear that the problem lies at board level If indeed we have a board.

    yet no protests from fans. Deadly got regular protests and 3000people marching outside the ground and calls for him to go. We get season after season of dire material and the fans are largely silent. Why keeping b manager when Sunderland and Newcastle it is the top of the club where the problems are.

    Trevor Fisher

  2. Villa have been buying bargain bucket players for the last five years – reality has finally caught up with that policy. MON still carries much of the blame for this situation as he put too many mediocre players on top salaries that their performance never merited. Lerner is plainly a nice man, but he is also a disaster as a sports team owner, Villa and Lerner have only one option now – spend big in January and hope that there are three teams around them who are worse.

    On recent showing, this remains a long shot.

    Conroy has been at the wine. Richardson is as awful a left back as Hutton is a right back.

    I expect bedsheets are already being stripped ready for painting – because that has worked so well for us of late.

  3. The board are a joke. Crazy decisions and far too tight fisted to keep in the Prem. We used to be on par with Everton, now we look like a joke when we play them. Embarrassing.

    No positives to take from this game at all!. Only Hutton, Carles Gil, Richardson and Sanchez should pick up their wages for this one (Yes I did say Richardson not Richards). Richardson deserves recognition, as he was the only Villa player to have a dangerous shot with intent on the Everton goal in 90 minutes. An awful game from a Villa perspective. And……. Amavi would have made NO difference!

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