Daily Mail Gets Surreal on Villa and Ron Vlaar Contract Debate Gets Boring

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This week’s trend of stories have been about Villa’s ‘Manchester United and Arsenal target’ or if the writer is really dumb, the ‘Manchester United, Arsenal and Southampton target’ Ron Vlaar.

Obviously, it’s a case of stretching out the old Ron Vlaar contract story

Now, as we’ve said previously, we wouldn’t be surprised if Vlaar took top dollar and moved away from Villa, but that would mainly be if a big overseas club was interested. Even then, would they be able to match the Premier League wages, that even Villa would offer?

There’s a reason why Vlaar wasn’t swept up by the likes of Manchester United or Arsenal in the first place (before he signed for Villa) and that is pretty much down to his on-going injury problems. As Villa have found out to their cost, you’re unlikely to get a full season out of the Dutch international (especially around Christmas time).

It’s very similar situation to how Villa came to enlist the services of Martin Laursen. If he wasn’t plagued by injuries he’d have probably blossomed at AC Milan or joined a Premier League team in the Champions League.The same maybe could even be said about Christian Benteke.

With team Vlaar make noises they are willing to sit down and discuss a new deal now (maybe Lambert’s new contract helped), I’d be surprised to see the Villa captain move elsewhere. If he was going to go, then the past summer would have been the prime time for both parties.

Meanwhile in Media Muppet land, it looks like The Sun newspaper isn’t the only paper that is having problem with their subs. Check out this school boy error by the Daily Mail.

Laurie Whitwell or the subs @ The Daily Mail


Aston Villa are second in Premier League despite averaging 37 per cent possession…


Philippe Senderos and Nathan Blake have helped shore up the defence

daily mail media muppet


1. Did we miss something? We knew about Lambert’s crusade to sign a bunch of the Premier League’s potentially past-it ‘Expendables’. We know about the signings of Joe Cole, Philippe Senderos and Kieran Richardson… but we must have missed Nathan Blake. Kudos to Lambert for keeping that one under the radar. Although, didn’t Blake retire a good few years ago?

2. Philippe Senderos and Nathan Blake together as a central defensive partnership is something of a warped footballing nightmare. In reality, the only way Blake could play alongside Senderos is for the ex-Wolves and Cardiff striker to come out of retirement and switch from his favoured striker position to centre-back (no doubt to save his save his 42-year-old legs).

The only other possibility is that Blake has actually invented a time machine. If so, maybe he went back in time and persuaded his future mother to delay having him for a decade and then during his youth started playing at centre-back instead of upfront. But we’re guessing Blake isn’t much of an inventor since he once reportedly stole a fruit machine.  Surely if he could build a time machine, he could have built his own fruit machine?

3. Seriously speaking though, it’s just sloppy work by the newspaper.

4. After MOMS were called up by one of the recent Sun journalist victims of Media Muppets, who explained the recent faux pas (x2) in their paper were caused by the subs at The Sun (subs are the guys and girls who check for grammar, spelling, facts and change things accordingly), it seems The Daily Mail have a similar problem.

If the Daily Mail want to carry on calling themselves the ‘Sports Website of the Year’, it might be time to up their game. The key to employing subs (we wish we could afford them) to cover football content is to employ ones that have a basic knowledge of football. Just saying.

5. Villa have a centre-back called Nathan Baker. Did they mean him?

Media Muppet Score: 8/10

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  1. They do tend to get it horribly wrong but at least the national press are vaguely entertaining in their idiocy. The Birmingham Mail refuse to make any statement of fact at all – relying instead on the dull post-match mumblings of pressers and their idea of content is re-hashing the imbecility of the internet.

    Every-time I see one of their ‘articles’ on the Villa – or indeed anything sportish at all, I feel the precious remaining seconds of my miserable life slipping through my fingers. Never, never to be re-gained.

    MOMS – only you can save us!

    Insightful, Connected. Far sighted, and passionate. Oh – and you like taking the piss out of morons. Top stuff. Keep it up.

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