Second City Derby Rivalry Facts in a Single Picture

The Second City Derby Infographic


The fact that Aston Villa haven’t actually played Birmingham City in a second city derby since the existence of My Old Man Said, means the local rivalry between the two teams hasn’t really been much of an issue beyond the context of Alex McLeish. If the Blues aren’t in the Premier League alongside Villa, then there’s not much to be gained from comparisons. As Villans, we need to aim higher and reach outside of a very easy comfort zone of second city derby rivalry. Get promoted Blues, then we can talk banter.

However, MOMS was sent in the below infographic that was worth a post, if only to remind ourselves there is a second city derby. There’s some interesting second city derby facts. The most startling, probably is the fact that one of our best managers went to Small Heath after us, while the only manager to go the opposite way ended up being one of the worst Villa has ever known.  Perhaps the only disappointment of the graphic  is the creator of it not coming up with an excuse to the put the 5-1 mauling of the Blues in April 2008 in there somewhere! UTV


aston villa blues record


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