Being Stiliyan Petrov – Stan Gives the 4,000 Petrov Masks the Thumbs Up

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Stiliyan Petrov Masks

Stiliyan Petrov Masks


As MOMS first informed you in A Venglos View this week about the upcoming invasion of Wigan by thousands of Petrov’s (aka Villa fans in Petrov masks), the great news is Stan, himself , loves the idea.

Speaking to the club’s website, he had the following words on the masks:

“I have seen the masks. They look nothing like me at the moment!

“It’s really funny. It will be funny and weird to see my face on 4,000 other people.

“I will really enjoy it. It will be even more enjoyable because we’re safe now. The fans will go and enjoy it and I’m sure I will too.”


Certainly nice self-depreciating humour by Stan. Fair-play to him. It’s going to be literally quite a picture when the 19 minute sees 4000 Petrov’s watching the game in the away end. We’ll all get a kick out of that.

One last laugh and smile for all Villans and Stan to end a difficult season with. UTV


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