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Three Ways for Aston Villa to Beat Newcastle United

OK, MOMS is getting a little tired of this not winning routine. It’s getting boring. Three wins in the last 45 games… come on now. Roberto Di Matteo’s team at the moment seems to be doing a pretty decent impersonation of an Alex McLeish team with its five draws in eight games this season.

A Villa win against Newcastle certainly isn’t exactly the safest of bets, but surely this under achieving can’t go on like this? If there was ever a win to kick start our season and hopefully our promotional push, then this surely would be it.

Here’s three ways of making sure it happens…

3 Don’t Get Deep

Against Brentford last week something that was concerning was how Villa defended corners without leaving any players outside their eighteen-yard box. Where was the option for the out ball? Where’s the counter-attack threat?

Also, without the potential threat of a Villa counter-attack, surely it just invites the opposition to commit more players forward?


Why not leave Jordan Ayew up, for example? He’s probably the perfect player for the task, as he’s able to occupy defenders (he frequently takes on three or four players on his own) to bide time for support.

Essentially this defending deep mindset that has manifested itself has constantly led to the team surrendering leads to the opposition, which has cost Villa nine points from winning positions. In the last five minutes of games especially, it just leads to more and more pressure, which the team has proven it can’t withstand.


2 Taking Chances

It’s touch and go if Ross McCormack will be fit for the Newcastle game, but his presence would certainly be a big boost in terms of creating the chances in trying to win this game.

If McCormack is not playing, let’s get the ball to Kodjia as quickly as possible. It’s unlikely that Newcastle will set up to shut up shop like Ipswich did last week. so Villa will get chances.

If McCormack is missing, then it might make sense to go 3-5-2 as at Portman Road.

Villa haven’t had a problem in creating chances so far this season, but target practise is over boys, it’s time to hit the onion bag.


If they can make a bright start and get the crowd on side, then it could get interesting for Villa. Score first and they’ll no doubt be more focus than normal to maintain the lead.

Villa showed improved defensive resilience against Ipswich, so a similar improvement in being clinical in front of goal could see us with three points come 90 minutes.


1 Inflatables

If all else fails, then Villa supporters should bring hundreds of inflatables to the game, as per last season.

As well as being a bunch of fun (we certainly should have done this anyway, for a laugh and to wind the Geordies up), it certainly disrupted Newcastle on the pitch from finding any stride in the last home game of last season.


We’re getting to the point now where if the players can’t manage to win games anymore, then Villa supporters might have to pull a few tricks to help out.



If beach balls helped gain Villa an unlikely point last season against Newcastle and helped Darren Bent score Sunderland’s winner against Liverpool in 2009 (see above), then it might have to be inflatables all the way until the end of the season.


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